AvaDent Dentures San Antonio

AvaDent Dentures San AntonioIf you live in the San Antonio, TX or New Braunfels, TX areas and need dentures, you can benefit from AvaDent. Unlike other dentures, AvaDent are designed to meet the needs of you as an individual, they do not require excessive dental appointments, and they will enhance your overall oral health. Thanks to Dr. Camacho’s state of the art equipment and elite training, you can benefit from AvaDent too.

Check Out AvaDent Advantages…

  • Computer designed and milled for a Precision Fit
  • Computer enhanced aesthetics for a natural look and feel
  • Bacteria resistant to help eliminate sore spots and “denture breath”
  • Permanent digital record for duplication in case of loss or damage

The difference between AvaDent and standard dentures cannot be understated. When AvaDent is fitted, Dr. Camacho and his team will take an impression of your teeth using an Anatomical Measurement Device (AMD). The AMD will then be scanned so that a permanent record of your teeth can be collected and stored all in one easy appointment. By doing this, your AvaDent will fit to the exact shape of your teeth; this not only makes sure you feel more comfortable when wearing them, it reduces the risk of them coming loose. The close fit that AvaDent provides goes much further than providing the perfect smile, you will also experience better oral health. The snug fit provided by AvaDent gives less room for bacteria to grow, which means you reduce the chances of developing sore spots and denture breath.

If you live in the San Antonio, TX or New Braunfels, TX area and are interested in AvaDent, contact us today for a consultation with Dr. Camacho. Alongside his team of knowledgeable and friendly staff, he will be able to provide you with further information about the AvaDent procedure and how it can benefit you. Once you have decided to go ahead with the procedure, the digital image that is created based on your teeth will be stored for future use; this can then be used in the case of loss or damage to form another perfect AvaDent set. If you feel you are ready to say goodbye to your old dentures and hello to a better smile and oral health, call us at 210-493-9944 for further information today.