Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio offers advanced Osteoready dental implant system

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – An advanced dental implant technology that makes the procedure quicker and less painful, and can be used on many patients who might not be qualified for traditional implants, is now available at Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio, cosmetic dentist Edward Camacho, D.D.S., has announced.

The Osteoready implant system offers several key improvements over traditional implants, which normally require multiple visits, four or more months of healing and bone integration with the implant, intrusive cutting of the gums, and bone grafts to ensure proper anchoring.

“I feel that the Osteoready Implant system is the most conservative and affordable system for patients,” Dr. Camacho said. “It often can be done without bone grafts.”

The Advantages of Osteoready, Dr. Camacho said, include:

  • A lower threshold for supporting bone.  Many patients with narrow ridges of bone can accept the Osteoready implants – even those who have been told they are not good candidates for implants.  The OsteoHybrid method uses a self-tapping implant that spreads the bone ridge itself – avoiding the traditional and more invasive surgical splitting of the ridge.
  • A less-invasive procedure for installing the implants, including a No-Drill procedure that uses the root cavity of a tooth that has been removed.  For others, the One-Drill system allows the use of a single drill rather than the four to five drills used for traditional implants.  This provides a shorter and more efficient drilling process that improves the patient’s experience.
  • Shorter healing and bone integration time.  The special design of the Osteoready implants, as well as the less-invasive implanting procedure, allows for a faster healing time and integration with the bone – from six to eight weeks, compared to the four months or more for traditional implants.
  • Pain reduction.  While recipients of traditional implants often need prescription pain relievers after the implant surgery, Osteoready patients report little pain, with Tylenol handling the pain that does occur.
  • Durability.  Osteoready Implants are produced with a higher percentage of titanium, which makes them more durable than traditional implants.

“Dental implants are the most ideal method of replacing missing teeth. They can restore a patient’s function, cosmetics, and improve overall health,” Dr. Camacho said.


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