FAQ’s About Missing Teeth

I can still chew so why bother replacing missing teeth?

Every time you lose a tooth it sets up a snowball effect collapsing your bite. Over time, this collapse puts stress and strain on the remaining teeth eventually causing problems that lead to more tooth loss. Even losing one tooth can be detrimental to your oral health. Open spaces from missing teeth cause adjacent teeth to drift and lean since they now have no support and also cause opposing teeth to drift into the space compromising those teeth as well.

By the time you have several teeth extracted you are already altering your diet to softer, easier to chew foods. Who wants to end up eating baby food!


Can losing teeth affect how I look?

Well, besides the “hillbilly” look, losing teeth can affect how your whole face looks. Along with the loss of teeth and a collapsed bite, changes to your actual face occur. When your bite collapses you lose “vertical dimension.” This is the distance between your chin and your nose. The more vertical dimension that is lost, the older you look. This loss of vertical dimension also makes it more difficult to make well fitting dentures when you get to that point. The amount of money you “save” by just taking out a tooth eventually will cost thousands to restore vertical dimension and fabricate dentures. No amount of face lifts or surgical procedures can restore a more youthful look if vertical dimension is lost.

I don’t care about how I look anyway, so why not just get dentures?

As we get older proper nutrition is key to leading a healthy and happy life. A set of well fitting dentures only has about 30% chewing efficiency of natural teeth. That is why denture wearers usually have limited their diet to soft, easy to chew foods that may not be as nutritious. Lack of proper nutrition can lead to other health problems. Weight loss is also a common problem. With weight loss comes ill fitting dentures that can’t be worn so not being able to eat at all accelerates other health problems.

Once I get dentures then I don’t have to worry about my teeth anymore, right?

Not exactly, dentures do not last forever so depending on what age you get them you will need many sets throughout your life. Dentures also put stress on the bone that holds them in place eventually causing loss of bone in the ridge so every time you need a new set they are less likely to fit as well, leading to more dietary restrictions and constant use of denture adhesives.

Here at Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio, we are skilled in replacing missing teeth and can help you restore your bite and give you back a reason to smile!

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