Health and Beauty Tips for Week of May 23, 2012

Beauty Tip-Avoid Polish with Preservatives

Avoid nail polish with formaldehyde which can dehydrate and weaken nails. Formaldehyde is also a known carcinogen. Zoya brand is formaldehyde free and has a vast array of colors to choose from.


Health Tip-Spices Help Reduce Cancer Causing Compounds in Grilled Beef

spices.pgGrilling meat, especially beef, produces cancer causing compounds called HCA’s (Heterocyclic Amines). The more done the meat, the more HCA’S are produced. Studies have shown that adding spices to meat, especially Rosemary, Turmeric and Chinese ginger can help to reduce HCA’s*. Consuming HCAs through meat increases risk factors for colorectal, stomach, lung, pancreatic, breast and prostate cancers’s. So go ahead and spice it up this summer!

*University of Arkansas, Food Safety Consortium (2010, May 18). Spicing the meat also cuts the cancer risk, research suggests. ScienceDaily


Green Tip-Get Rid of the Styrofoam Cup

styrofoam cupInvest in the perfect reusable mug and kick the Styrofoam disposable cup habit. Polystyrene isn’t biodegradable, and after just one use most cups will end up lingering in a landfill for centuries.




Dental Tip-AvaDent Dentures
AvaDent-Ad-Pic-5Here at Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio we always stay on the leading edge of technology in order to provide the very best patient care. Avadent is a patented process that allows Dr. Camacho to make a set of dentures in as little as 2 appointments!  An Avadent denture has a superior fit, is more aesthetic and more hygienic (helps to cut down on “denture breath”) than traditional dentures. It also allows us to store all of the records digitally so if you break or lose your denture or simply want a back up we can order another one at a reduced cost at the click of a button there is no need to come in for new records!  Call today for more information on this exciting advancement in dentures.