Health & Beauty Tip – Week of April 18th

Beauty Tip- You Are Dousing Yourself With This Harmful Chemical Everyday

This week’s tip combines both health and beauty since it encompasses both aspects and has to do with your skin. Your skin is the largest organ you have and toxins are absorbed directly through it.

Whenever you bathe or shower you are literally dousing yourself in chlorine, a highly toxic chemical. If you tend to like hot showers then you are getting an even heftier dose since the hot water opens up the pores allowing more chlorine to penetrate.

Chlorine also evaporates and is inhaled while showering or bathing. Chlorine also strips natural and protective oils from the skin and hair causing excess dryness. There are also some studies that show exposure to chlorine can exacerbate or even induce asthma in previously healthy individuals.

The most economical way to cut down on this exposure is to get a shower filter. For just pennies a day, you can have better skin, better hair and significantly cut down your exposure to a highly toxic chemical. Try the shower filter by Aquasauna. It is about $60 and the replacement filter is about $47. The filter should be replaced depending on how many showers you and your family take. The average is about once every 6 months.

Green Tip- Organic Coffee

Try to buy USDA certified organic coffee. This ensures that the coffee you are drinking is farmed in a manner that does not strip the land and also is grown without pesticides.

Pesticides are not only harmful to the environment but also to you. They leach into the ground and get into water supplies.

At Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio we only serve coffee that is farmed in an eco-friendly manner. All of our cups and paper products at our coffee and juice bar are also eco-friendly. Enjoy a cup at your next visit.

Dental Tip-

Abfractions are notches that occur right at the gumline. We used to think it was abrasion from using a hard toothbrush. We now know it is caused by the teeth not fitting together properly.

Excessive stress is placed on teeth that are out of alignment causing the tooth to flex at the gumline. This flexion causes the enamel to break exposing the underlying layer which can be very sensitive.

Straightening your teeth with Invisalign can align them properly and prevent this. Call today to schedule your no-obligation consultation.