Health & Beauty Tip – Week of March 21st

Maracuja Oil for Nourshing Your Skin

Maracuja oil is derived from the Passion Flower and is a wonderful oil for general skin care including the face. This oil is very different than any I have tried in the past. It is very light, easily absorbed, has no odor and is not greasy. It contains essential fatty acids and has a high Vitamin C content. It is great for mature, aging skin although all skin types can benefit.

You can use it in place of your morning moisturizer and as a supplement to your night time routine. Just warm about 3 drops in your hands and apply to your face and neck. Tarte cosmetics makes a wonderful oil and it comes in cute little bamboo basket.


HEALTH TIP: Charred Foods Linked to Cancer

You may want to think twice before eating that black hotdog from the grill. Studies show that foods cooked at high temperatures form something called HCA’s (heterocyclic amines) which are known cancer causing compounds. Even deep fried foods such as potato chips and french fries produce similar compounds.

To counteract HCA’s, drink green tea which has polyphenols that help to fight the effects of HCA’s. Marinating meat before grilling as well as garlic and resveratrol, which is found in red wine, also help to counteract the effects of HCA’s. If you do not drink alcohol, you can get resveratrol in a supplement.


GREEN TIP: Trash Today, Track Tomorrow

Nike takes old tennis shoes and recycles them into material that is used in gym floors, running tracks and playgrounds. Nike has partnered with top quality surfacing companies to help reduce waste on the planet. Remember anything you throw away sits in a landfill for years, if everyone does just a little to help reduce waste it can have a big impact on our planet! Check out for more info. You can drop off old tennis shoes at:

Nike Factory Store
3939 INTERSTATE 35 N. STE 798



We all know that sugar is bad for your teeth but what most people don’t know is that it is the length of time sugar is in contact with the teeth and not the amount that determines sugars detrimental effects.

For example, sipping on one can of soda all day long is much worse than drinking 2 cans a day say one can at lunch and one at dinner. The sipping keeps the teeth constantly bathed in acid and sugar. Same goes for sucking on sugared mints or chewing sugared gum all day long. This is much worse than eating a candy bar even though the amount of sugar may be lower.


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