Health & Beauty Tip – Week of May 2nd

Beauty Tip- Update Your Look Every Two Years

There is nothing more aging than having the same hair and makeup you did 10 years ago. My observation is that women have a time in their life where they felt they looked good and then they get stuck in a time warp and keep the same style, hair and makeup. Bleached blonde hair with baby pink lipstick may have served you well when you were 20 but unfortunately when you are 40 this look actually ages you. Anything severe or extreme will age you in fact. Hair too light or too dark, no makeup or too much makeup are also aging. Dark lip liner and lipstick or even worse, dark lip liner with light lipstick or gloss are extremely aging especially as lips tend to get thinner as we age.

Look at current hairstyles and visit the makeup counter at a department store from time to time to see what is new and fresh. You can take any trend and make it age appropriate. This spring and summer the hot color is coral/orange. If bright orange or coral lipstick is not right for you then choose a soft coral gloss or blush. You don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to be current, just slight changes to your hair and makeup will do the trick. Make sure you visit a hairstylist that keeps up with what is current and can make age appropriate suggestions on how to update your hair from time to time.

Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art."
–Eleanor Roosevelt


Health Tip- Mangosteen, The Nutrient Dense Superfood

Okay, so right now the Acai berry is getting all the attention. You know that little berry that no one can pronounce (ah-sigh-eee with accent on the second syllable).Dr. Oz and Oprah are even touting its benefits. It is pretty great but let’s not forget about the Mangosteen! This fruit is very high in something called xanthones.

There are over 200 xanthones currently known to exist in nature and approximately 40 of them are found in the mangosteen. Xanthones are a class of anti-oxidants that help our bodies defend itself from free radicals. Free radicals are thought to contribute to the overall aging process. Xanthones help to maintain intestinal health, support the immune system, support cartilage and joint function and promote a healthy respiratory system (helps fight against seasonal allergies) and it might potentially have some anti-cancer activity.

Since this fruit is not very abundant in this part of the world, the best thing I have found is Mangosteen powder. This is made from the whole fruit which is very important since the rind has a high concentration of xanthones. I like this powder since it is the whole fruit. Most things in nature work better together so a whole food is most always better than isolated substances.

You can order this from I put about 2 teaspoons in my protein shake that I have for breakfast. You can get a pound for $22.95 so it is pretty economical.


Green Tip- Clean Naturally

Safe cleaning products don’t have to be a luxury. Greenology natural cleaning products are made of plant-based, biodegradable ingredients like corn, coconut and lemon (which leave no harsh chemical fumes or residue) and are affordable and accessible — you can find them Lowe’s and Whole Foods.

You are probably exposed to more toxins inside your home than outside. Toxic bathroom cleaners, floor cleaners, air fresheners and bleach are just a few of the toxins that are found in the average home. By replacing these products with safe non- toxic ones you significantly cut down on you and your family’s exposure to dangerous chemicals and you help the planet.


Dental Tip- Get an Egg Timer for Healthier Gums

The recommended time to spend brushing is about 3 minutes. This may not seem very long but if you have ever timed how long you brush you would probably be very surprised at how little time you actually spend. The best way to ensure that you are brushing long enough is with a good old-fashioned egg timer.




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