Health & Beauty Tips – Week of August 22nd

Beauty Tip- Neglected Feet distract from Beautiful Shoes

      I was standing in line to buy movie tickets over the weekend and in front of me was a lady wearing shorts and some kind of shoe with a heel. Normally I look at the shoes first since I am a shoe fanatic but I was so distracted by the dead, white, dry skin caked all over her heels that I did not even see her shoes. You know what I am talking about, it almost looks like a shelf coming up over the heel.

Ladies, you don’t have to get professional pedicures, although I feel they are worth the investment once a month, but you can’t neglect your feet. I have been to weddings and have seen woman dressed to the nines with chipped toenail polish and dry cracked feet. I am here to tell you, it is distracting and not attractive.

Not even a pair of expensive designer shoes will make up for neglected feet. The best kind of cream for feet is one that contains lactic acid. This helps to exfoliate dead skin cells and soften the skin. Try Nordic Care Foot Cream (can be ordered from Amazon or It is not completely natural but is pretty close. A good pumice stone used once a week in the shower is also a must. If you are not going to keep up with toenail polish then it is best not to wear it and just buff the nail to a high shine.


Health Tip- Don’t Forget to Take Your Turmeric for Brain Health!

      New research suggests that a compound found in Turmeric called curcumin can prevent changes in the brain that are associated with Alzheimer’s. Not only can it prevent changes from occurring it can also reverse damage that is already present. Turmeric is a brightly colored spice that is used in Indian cuisine. Alzheimer’s is uncommon in India where it ranges from less than 1% to 2.4% depending on where you live as compared to the United States where it ranges from 5% to 17%.

There have been more than 1300 studies to date on…



Green Tip- Pull the Plug

      Even when your cell phone isn’t plugged into a charger, the charger is likely drawing electricity. Many AC adapters continue to pull current even when not working. Don’t be wasteful: Pull the plug on all chargers when they’re not actually charging something.




Dental Tip- We have the VIBE!

      Here at Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio we have got the VIBE! The Dental Vibe is a brand new device that eliminates the pain of dental injections. It is a painless device that uses a certain frequency of vibration that tricks your brain and shuts down the pain receptors. According to a national survey 50% of patients avoid the dentist due to anxiety about pain. The biggest fear is the injection.

You may have had a dentist shake your lip when giving you an injection and the Dental Vibe is based on the same theory however the Dental Vibe is much more sophisticated and has real science to back it up. Other products use standard or ultrasonic (high speed sound) vibration. The problem with this is the brain rapidly becomes accustomed to this stimulus, negating the pain-blocking effect. The Dental Vibe is a patented device that is designed to overcome this problem. At Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio we are truly a state of the art practice and offer you the latest in technology to ensure that your visit is as smooth and as pain free as possible.