Health & Beauty Tips – Week of August 29th

Beauty Tip- Skip Lower Eye Makeup as You Age

      As you begin to age, it is best to skip lower eye makeup. This includes eyeliner, mascara (resist the urge to buy the newest mascara designed for lower lashes!) and eyeshadow. Lower eye makeup can draw attention to wrinkles and cast shadows on aging skin. Instead, concentrate on the upper eyes and don’t skip the eyeliner which can open up the eyes. After applying eyeliner be sure to smudge for a soft look, a solid demarcated line looks harsh. Try a dark brown or brown black liner.


Health Tip- Don’t Skip Breakfast, If You Want to Maintain a Healthy Weight

      The word breakfast comes from two Old English words: break meaning to shatter and fast meaning to not eat. It literally means breaking the fast. Eating breakfast jump starts your metabolism. Studies have shown that those who eat a healthy breakfast have improved concentration and mood and also are better able to maintain a healthy weight.

If you don’t have time or have a hard time eating in the morning then make some sort of smoothie with a high quality protein, unsweetened almond milk (I like Silk brand) and a small amount of fruit. Organic frozen blueberries or strawberries work well since you don’t have to worry about them going bad. This is a good base and then you can add things like flax seed or some almond butter if you want to pump it up. I make mine the night before and put it in a stainless steel thermos so I can just grab it on my way out. If you are feeling adventurous throw in some organic spinach and romaine lettuce. With the protein powder and fruit, you will not even taste the spinach or lettuce. I know you are skeptical, just try it you might be surprised!


Green Tip- Only Print What You Actually Need

      When printing boarding passes and hotel reservations, save paper by printing only the pages you need and not the ones with ads or “terms and conditions.”





Dental Tip- What Can A Better Smile Do For You?

      You are the only one who can ultimately answer that question. Chances are since you are reading this, you have some considerations about your smile. If your smile has flaws, even minor ones, it can have a negative effect on the way you see yourself. What might you do if you had more confidence? How would you handle life if you felt better about yourself? How would you feel in social settings if you could freely communicate and laugh without having any attention on your smile or your teeth?

Studies reveal that over 85% of adults say they…