Health & Beauty Tips – Week of August 8th

Beauty Tip- Eye Makeup Mistakes that can Age You

      We wear makeup because we want to enhance our features and look better. Your makeup needs to be adjusted as you age. Something that looked sexy at 20 can actually make you look older as you notice changes beginning to happen in your face. Blue eyeshadow is best left for the young. It is hard to pull off the older you get. Anything metallic will also draw attention to lines and wrinkles. Soft matte shades in browns, taupes, peach and earth tones work on most everyone.

If you have gray or black hair smokey shades of gray work well. Heavy cat eye liner is smokin hot when you are 20 but looks scary on a 40 year old. Think neutral and soft when it comes to eye makeup. Regardless of your age, caked on mascara resembling a spider is always a faux pas!


Health Tip- Hartwork- A Local Cancer Alternative Network

      This organization was founded by Michelle Hart who is a breast cancer survivor. Hartwork harnesses the power of group support and the insight of others to help individuals take control of their health. Through an integrative approach to cancer, Hartwork combines education, discussion, exposure to complimentary medicine and discovery of alternative therapies to help you find the strength to take control of your health decisions. For more information visit


Green Tip- Dispose of Old Paint, Chemicals, and Oil properly

      Don’t put batteries, antifreeze, paint, motor oil, or chemicals in the trash. Use proper toxics disposal sites. Never buy more than you need. Visit for more data on where to take these items for proper disposal. Get with a few of your neighbors once a year and gather these unwanted items and have one person make the trip to the facility for proper disposal and then switch off the next year.


Dental Tip- Sorting Out Dental Insurance

The majority of dental insurance plans are designed with the purpose of only covering the basic dental care around $1,000 to $1,500 (about the same amount that they covered 30 years ago although you pay higher premiums and the cost of dentistry has gone up) per year and is not intended to provide comprehensive coverage like that of medical insurance. You won’t be able to rely on dental insurance for optimum oral health.