Health & Beauty Tips – Week of December 12th

Beauty Tip- Light Up Your Eyes

      If you have been following my blog you know that I am not a big fan of super shimmery eye-shadow for those of us who are over a certain age. On the other hand, super matte eye shadow can look a little lifeless. To add some light, take a soft shimmery shadow in a light color (gold is nice if you have red, golden brown or golden blonde hair), dip your pinkie in it and dot it right in the center of the lid. This brings a soft glow that helps to light up the eye.


Health Tip- Sunflower Lecithin

      Lecithin is not considered a vitamin but it is an essential nutrient. Lecithin is a great source of choline. Choline is found in cell membranes and is abundant in the nervous system. It is vital for proper brain function and development. Lecithin also helps to prevent the build-up of homocysteine in your blood. Homocysteine is a compound that is associated with cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis (by affecting the way the bone matrix is laid down). Most lecithin comes from soy and for those of you keeping up with GM (Genetically modified) food you know that just about all soy is GM.

Food sources of choline include egg yolks and fatty organ meats, lentils, sesame seeds, flax seeds and cauliflower. Supplementation with lecithin is the best way to ensure you are getting this essential nutrient. If you are trying to avoid soy, like I do, then try sunflower lecithin. Sunflower lecithin is very thick and sticky like molasses but tastes like sunflower seeds. I put about a tablespoon in my protein shake that I drink for breakfast every morning. It also imparts a nice creamy texture as well as a slightly nutty taste. I order mine from since I can’t seem to find it anywhere locally. Due to its viscous nature, it is not recommended to eat this directly with a spoon since it could be a choking hazard.


Green Tip- Avoid Packing Peanuts

      Polystyrene peanuts, in loose-fill packing, are bad for our ecosystems (they take hundreds of years to decompose) and personally I really hate these things! They always seem to be full of static electricity and half of them come out when you are taking the shipped item out of the box. Use shredded paper or biodegradable peanuts or other more eco-friendly options.



Dental Tip-Raising Awareness of Oral Cancer

      Here at Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio, we are continuing to raise awareness of oral cancer. There is now conclusive evidence that HPV related oral cancers are on the rise. HPV stands for Human papillomavirus (pap-ah-LO-mah-VYE-rus) (HPV) and it is the most common sexually transmitted virus in the United States according to the CDC. At least 50% of sexually active people will have genital HPV at some time in their lives. HPV related cancers have risen an astounding 225% from 1998-2004. If the trend continues, oral cancer will become the nation’s leading HPV related cancer within the decade surpassing cervical cancer.

Here at Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio, we offer an advanced oral cancer screening with the Velscope. We perform this painless exam, free of charge, as part of our New Patient exam and our regular recall exams for existing patients, in hopes of helping to raise awareness. Oral cancer, if caught early, can have a very high survival rate. How does Velscope work?