Health & Beauty Tips – Week of Febraury 14

Health Tip-Lycopene May Reduce Strokes

TomatoesAccording to a report published in the medical journal Neurology, a team of Finnish researchers have linked lycopene (a substance that is abundant in tomatoes) to stroke protection. “They made this connection after following more than a thousand middle-aged men for 12 years. Men with the greatest amounts of lycopene in their blood had a 55% lower chance of having any kind of stroke. The lycopene connection was even stronger (59%) when it came to protecting against strokes due to blood clots (the most common kind).” This is quoted from an article posted on Harvard Health Publications dated Oct 10, 2012. Lycopene is the substance that gives tomatoes their red color. The study also found that lycopene was better absorbed from cooked tomatoes and when eaten with some fat. Lycopene is most abundant in tomatoes but can be found in other foods such as watermelon and red grapefruit. It is best to get your lycopene from food since there may be other unidentified compounds that work synergistically with lycopene.


Beauty Tip-How Much of Your Closet Do You Actually Wear?

You would probably be surprised at how items you have in your closet that you have not worn for over a year. Chances are if you have not worn an item for over a year then you are probably not going to wear it and it is just taking up space in your closet. Here is a tip for uncluttering your closet: turn all of your hangers the same way and every time you wear an item flip the hanger the other way. By this time next year, take inventory of all the clothing you have not worn (those hangers you have not flipped) and donate it to charity. This will free up space in your closet and simplify your life. It will also challenge you to be more creative by finding different ways to wear the items you are keeping.


Green Tip- Reduce Drafts around Doors

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, drafts can waste 5% to 30% of your energy use. Reduce drafts by placing a rolled up towel under a drafty door. For more weight sew your own and fill with kitty litter.


Dental Tip-How to Look Youngeryoung_woman

“Just as white, straight teeth convey youth, a smile with crooked, discolored, worn, or missing teeth is associated with an aged look,” says Edmond Hewlett, DDS, professor of restorative dentistry at UCLA’s School of Dentistry. “The adage ‘long in the tooth,’ used to describe older persons, reflects the fact that gum disease causes gums to recede and teeth to appear longer as a result.”

Keeping a youthful mouth comes down to two simple, proven, and practical steps:

  • Brush and floss daily
  • See your dentist every six months