Health & Beauty Tips – Week of January 23rd

Beauty Tip- Look Chic, Not Contrived

      Things that go together look more updated than things that match. Those cobalt blue pumps look killer with your skinny jeans but match it with a cobalt blue purse and now you look circa 1980’s. The more things you wear that “match” can actually make you end up looking matronly. When you wear a strong color whether it be shoes, a bag, a sweater etc, that needs to be the focus of your outfit. Chic style looks pulled together and effortless as opposed to being contrived.

*Chic means smart elegance of style and manner: said especially of women or their clothes

Contrived means too obviously the result of forethought and planning; not spontaneous or natural.


Health Tip- Tart Cherries May Help With Gout

      Gout is a form of arthritis that attacks the small joints and most frequently exhibits itself in the big toe. It is caused by excess uric acid in the blood. It is a very painful condition that is managed mainly by pharmaceuticals. Research has shown that a compound called Anthocyanins found in tart cherries can help with gout. Anthocyanins are what give cherries their dark red color and inhibit enzymes that create uric acid. They also help reduce inflammation. If you have been keeping up with anti-aging research, you know that inflammation is thought to be the starting point of heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and possibly even cancer. It is difficult to find tart cherries (these are different from the cherries you purchase in the grocery store, these are Bing or sweet cherries) which seem to have the most benefits, particularly Montmorency tart cherries. You can however find tart cherry concentrate at your local health food store. You can mix it with water for a delicious beverage or just simply take a tablespoon in a small amount of water.


Green Tip- Go Green This Valentine’s Day

      This Valentine’s instead of the usual card and candy why not help the planet and give a beautiful eco-friendly gift. Fire and Light is a company that uses recycled glass to make all kinds of stunning glassware. One of my favorites is the red puka bowl with hearts (hint to my husband who I know reads my weekly tips) Visit the link below to order:




Dental Tip- Get a Whiter Smile and Help a Child

      February is Children’s Dental Health Month and we will be donating $50 for every in-office whitening, $25 for every custom tray take home whitening kit and $1 for every single patient who comes into the office for the entire month of February to Smile Train an organization the repairs cleft lips and palates on children in underdeveloped countries. Not only do they repair the defects they also train the local doctors in the area to do the surgery. Come aboard the Smile Train with Dr. Camacho this February!