Health & Beauty Tips – Week of January 2nd

Beauty Tip- New Anti-Aging and Acne Treatment

      Benzoyl peroxide has been used for years to manage acne, however it can be extremely drying to the skin leaving it flaky and red.

Lipohydroxy acid or LHA is a derivative of salicylic acid which is also used to treat acne. LHA is a much smaller molecule than salicylic acid so it penetrates the skin better and is also better at exfoliating, reducing discoloration and helping to unblock pores.

LHA works by breaking up particles that block the pores and impairs the ability of bacteria to adhere to material inside the follicles. It is not just for acne, it also helps with brown spots, age spots and dull skin making it great for smoothing and brightening skin of all types. Try La Roche Posay Effaclar K which can be found at most drugstores for about $28.


Health Tip- Cut Your Caloric Intake by Just 10%

      Research has shown that cutting back on daily calories by just 10% is one big step towards being healthier by warding off disease and prolonging your life. It is not that difficult to do. If you drink soda for instance, cut out one a day and substitute water with a splash of citrus or ice tea (preferably with an all natural sweetener like Stevia or xylitol). Tea is loaded with anti-oxidants but it will stain your teeth so be careful not to drink too much.

Another tip is just start leaving some food on your plate, this all adds up to fewer calories. Also focusing on what you need to add to your diet instead of eliminate is helpful. Adding more vegetables and limited amounts of low sugar fruits, such as berries and cantaloupe instead of very high sugar fruits like bananas and grapes, will also help you feel fuller and eat less.



Green Tip- Olive Oil for De-Squeaking Hinges

      Olive oil can be used as an alternative for de-squeaking hinges. It is environmentally friendly and most of us already have it on hand. Also rubbing a little on anything with a blade will keep if from rusting.





Dental Tip- New Guidelines for Premedication

      If you have to take antibiotics prior to your dental appointment because of certain conditions chances are you may no longer need them. New guidelines state that patients with certain conditions such as heart murmurs and a history of Rheumatic fever no longer need to be premedicated. Consult with your dentist or physician before you make any changes to your current regime.