Health & Beauty Tips – Week of January 9th

Beauty Tip- Try Cream Blush for a More Youthful Look

      Blush is one beauty product that makes you appear more youthful but too much and the wrong kind can work against you as in a look that resembles you missed your calling for the circus. As we age our skin tends to become drier and develops lines and wrinkles especially around the eyes. You want to keep your blush out of these lines and wrinkles otherwise it draws even more attention to them. Try cream blush on the apple of the cheek and up towards the temple but blend more in a slight downward direction. If you use a bright blush you don’t have to use as much and you get a nice sheer wash of color. Apply blush after foundation and then set with your favorite powder (I like a luminescent powder with a light application) and then apply a little more blush over the powder.



Health Tip- What Does “Fragrance” Mean On A Label?

      Fragrance sounds innocent enough, something that smells good or helps to mask a bad odor. What exactly is in “fragrance?” The majority of fragrances are a concoction of synthetically manufactured chemicals far from the scent they represent. Synthetic fragrances can contain as much as 200 ingredients that manufacturers do not have to disclose. Fragrances are common allergens and also contain phthalates which are plastics used to stabilize scent in perfume and color in cosmetics. Phthalates have been linked to birth defects and hormone disruption. Phthalates are also in plastics with the numbers 3 and 7 in the triangle so especially avoid food products in these containers. Buying “fragrance free” or “unscented” is not always a good alternative since many companies use masking fragrances. Look for labels that specifically state “No synthetic fragrances” or “fragrance from natural essential oil” to be on the safe side. Most of all help educate others.



Green Tip- Impact of Fragrances on the Environment

       About 95% of the chemicals used in fragrances are derived from petrochemicals (i.e. fossil fuel) and the manufacture of perfume, bottles and shipping uses a lot of energy. I have touched on this before but it seems fitting to follow the above post. Here is an eye-opening statistic:

Amount of money needed each year (in addition to current expenditures) to provide reproductive health care for all women in developing countries: $12 billion

Amount of money spent annually on perfumes in Europe and the United States: $12 billion



Dental Tip- You Can Keep Your Teeth for a Lifetime

      One in four adults over 60 has lost all of his or her teeth and most people think it is inevitable to lose all your teeth as you age but that is not true. You can keep your teeth for a lifetime with proper care. Take that first step today, oral health care can’t wait. Call today to get back on the right track with your oral health.