Health & Beauty Tips – Week of July 11th

Beauty Tip- Go ahead and be a lush

Well get luscious hair that is! Turns out Vodka helps to break down the oil build up that can make your hair dull. Just mix an ounce of vodka to your bottle of shampoo and use like you normally do. If you can’t bear to use that bottle of expensive Russian Vodka then get a cheap one and you can use also use it knock out soap scum in your shower or remove stains like lipstick. Who knew?





Health Tip- Something Smells Fishy; Sorting Out Which Fish are Safe to Eat

Eat more fish is a recommendation frequently heard from health experts. This is true as long as you are not eating fish contaminated with mercury or other toxic chemicals. Learning what fish is healthiest to eat and what fish to avoid can be confusing at times.

For example, salmon is extremely healthy and can be eaten in large quantities without any concerns except farm-raised salmon which contain PCB’s (toxic manmade industrial chemicals). PCB’s have been banned since 1977 but still exist in the environment to a large degree since they are slow to break down. They pose serious health risks to…

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Green Tip- Reduce Dryer Static Naturally with Aluminum Foil

Dryer sheets are full of all kinds of harmful chemicals (including fragrances) and I stopped using them years ago. I switched to an all natural dryer sheet but there is still the problem of using something that is disposable. I did some research and found that aluminum foil can control dryer static which is the only reason I used dryer sheets to begin with.

Take 2 pieces of aluminum foil about a foot long and wad them up into balls. Throw the 2 balls into the dryer with your clothes and voila, no more static! The best part is you can just keep using them over and over until they fall apart. This also solves that annoying problem when you start to dry a load of clothes and discover you are out of dryer sheets and either have to go to the store or live with the annoying static.



Dental Tip- Well that is just Plain Gross!

You are not supposed to brush or store your toothbrush within 6 feet of a toilet. The airborne particles from the flush can travel up to a distance of 6 feet.