Health & Beauty Tips – Week of July 20th

Beauty Tip- Dry Flakey Lips?

      There is nothing that feels worse, in my opinion, than trying to put lip gloss or lipstick on dry flakey lips. It feels and looks awful. You need to exfoliate your lips just like your face. Try mixing a little coconut oil with some sugar to form a paste and stretch your lips out like you are smiling. It is easier to exfoliate the lips when they are taut. It is cheap and eco-friendly and non-toxic!


Health Tip- What is DIM and Why Do I Need It?

      What is DIM? DIM stands for Diindolylmethane. This is a phytochemical found in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower and brussel sprouts. A phytochemical is a substance found in plants that has health benefits. For example, beta-carotone the substance found in carrots that gives them their orange color and is a precursor (something that comes before; an earlier form of) of Vitamin A is a phytochemcial. The phytochemical allicin found in garlic has anti-bacterial properties. DIM is a phytoochemcial that helps to balance estrogen metabolism in both women and men which is crucial for…

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Green Tip- Save Money and the Environment by Storing Food in Glass Containers

      “Throw away” Tupperware seems to be very popular. These are lightweight plastic storage containers sold at the grocery store that most people toss after a few uses. If you use a lot of these, they can add up to money and lots of plastic in landfills. Invest in some glass containers with plastic lids to store your food in. Not only is it healthier for you since plastic contains chemicals that leach into food, it is also kinder to the environment. You can purchase sets of these at Target and they come in all sizes.

Dental Tip- Separating Fact from Fiction ( From Tuft’s University)

Fiction: Osteoporosis only affects the spine and hips

Fact: Osteoporosis may also lead to tooth loss. Teeth are held in the jaw by the face bone, which can also be affected by osteoporosis. The jaw can also suffer the consequences of a diet lacking essential nutrients such as calcium and vitamins D and K.

The jawbone, gums, lips, and soft and hard palates are constantly replenishing themselves throughout life. A good diet is required to keep the mouth and supporting structures in optimal shape for continued good health.