Health & Beauty Tips – Week of July 25th

Beauty Tip- Do I Need a Makeup Primer?

      A makeup primer is used on top of or in place of your moisturizer depending on your skin type. The benefits are that it creates a smooth finish to the skin so that your makeup goes on evenly and it stays in place longer.

I like Clean Slate Natural Face Primer by Tarte cosmetics. It is formulated without parabens, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances and is packaged in an eco-friendly manner. It also contains natural fruit and plant derived extracts to treat, protect, sooth and hydrate the skin. It has a very different feel than a moisturizer. It is very silky feeling but absorbs right into the skin. This also works quite well if you use mineral makeup like I do.



Health Tip- Sugar that is Actually Good for Your Teeth!

      Xylitol is a naturally occurring sugar found in fruits and vegetables. It has little effect on blood glucose levels and has 40% fewer calories than table sugar. It is safe for diabetics and children. But what makes xylitol unique is that clinical studies show it significantly reduces the amount of Strep Mutans, the bacteria that cause tooth decay, and it can help to remineralize teeth. Remineralization is the process of reversing superficial cavities confined to the…

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Green Tip- Indoor Plants Can Help to Purify the Air

      Did you know that certain plants can actually help to remove toxins from the air? We all know from our basic high school Botany that plants remove CO2 and produce oxygen but there are certain plants that can actually improve indoor air quality. Things like carpeting, foam insulation, particle board and dry cleaning are full of chemicals that gas off.

Here are a just a few plants that help to remove toxins: Gerber Daisy, Peace Lily, Chrysanthemum, Chinese evergreen, Rubber plant, Neon Pothos, Split Leaf Philo, English Ivy, Janet Craig, all varieties of orchids and Date Palm. Here at Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio we are in the process of greening our office with an array of plants to help improve indoor air quality. This is another step to make our office as eco-friendly and healthy as possible for our staff and patients.


Dental Tip- Is “Laser” Teeth Whitening More Effective?

According to studies whitening teeth with a special light or laser is no more effective than without and can in fact cause harm. The heat generated from these sources has the potential to damage the pulp of a tooth possibly requiring root canal treatment.

Here at Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio we use the latest most effective teeth whitening systems without the gimmicky light.

Want something fast and easy? Check out our Liquid Smile Pen; you don’t even have to be seen by Dr. Camacho. You can purchase it over the counter in our office and it comes elegantly packaged all ready for perfect gift giving!