Health & Beauty Tips – Week of July 6th

Beauty Tip- Color Me Beautiful

Most of us know of at least one color that looks good on us mostly because we get compliments from others when we wear it. For the rest of the color wheel, well it is pretty much a crap shoot if you are like me. That is until I met Jill Kirsh, a color consultant. I know a lot of us have all had our “colors done” and were determined to be a summer, winter, spring or fall but this technology is different and so are the colors in each palette. Jill Kirsh lives in Los Angeles and was recently named “Best Color Consultant” by LA’s Best of LA Issue. Jill actually came to my house a few years ago and did color consulting for me, my husband and my mom. I want to mention this is really great for men because they don’t wear makeup and the right color clothes can really do wonders for them by making them look younger and more alert. You don’t have to see Jill in person to benefit from her expertise. You can visit her site ( and it will guide you in figuring out what color palette you fit into.

Since my color consulting, I have weeded out of my wardrobe all the colors that are not ideal for me. You also have to keep in mind that some colors may not be your favorite colors but that they look good on you. I have a terracotta color in my palette that is not a color I would have ever bought anything in but it looks great on me so now I own a jacket in this color. The great thing about buying clothes that are only in your palette, besides everything looks good on you, is that everything in your closet goes together. When I get dressed for work, I know that all my tops and blouses will go with whatever pants/skirts I have. I also know that whatever purse or shoes I grab will also coordinate so it really simplifies things and it is also great when you have to pack for traveling.

You can buy a color swatch book that is about the size of a credit card. It folds out and has all the actual fabric color swatches in your palette so you can take it shopping. I am really disciplined and only buy things in my palette so there are times when I go shopping and only come home with maybe one or two items whereas before I might have come with five or six depending on if there was a sale. Now I am not tempted, even if it is on sale, if it is not in my palette. I have less clothes but actually more to wear. She also has coordinating makeup if you want to even simplify things more.


Health Tip- How would like a nice Immune Punch?

The title of this article is my attempt at humor for those of you who are old enough to remember the old Hawaiian Punch commercials. For those of you who don’t, we were forced to watch commercials since there was no TiVo, DVR or even VHS. I sort of miss the Frito Bandito and the little Hawaiian Punch guy.

Now, our lives are so much busier and we are exposed to so many more things that getting sick is just not an option. Obviously, a healthy immune system keeps you from getting sick due to the common cold or flu and if you do get sick, it gets you well again. It also fights off cancer cells so a healthy…

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Green Tip- Another Use for Salt

Clean refrigerators. A mix of salt and soda water can be used to wipe out and deodorize the inside of your refrigerator, a nice way to keep chemical-y cleaners away from your food and it is eco-friendly.




Dental Tip- Professional grade toothpaste and mouthrinse

Here at Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio we are committed to providing you with quality dentistry utilizing the latest in technology and also providing you with actual data and products that you can use to make yourself and your family healthier.

Since we are also eco-friendly we use products with the least amount of chemicals but are still effective. We carry Oxyfresh mouth rinse and toothpaste. They contain alcohol-free and professional strength products are uniquely formulated and clinically proven to effectively eliminate odors. They are within a neutral pH range (alcohol, the main ingredient in most commercial mouthwashes can dry out tissues) and contain Oxygene and zinc which is clinically proven to give you longer lasting fresh breath. The mouthrinse is $14 and the toothpaste is $14. You use less than commercial brands so it lasts longer. There is also a travel kit for $18 that is TSA compliant for those are going to fly.

As a special gift, the first 10 people who e-mail with the word sample in the subject line will receive a free travel size bottle of Oxyfresh Mouthrinse, Oxyfresh toothpaste and a toothbrush as our gift to you.* Please be sure to give us your name in the e-mail.

*Winners will be notified by e-mail and will need to come by the office anytime during working hours in the month of July to pick up their gift.