Health & Beauty Tips – Week of June 1st

Beauty Tip- Aloe Vera, an Age-Old Remedy

      Aloe Vera has been used for centuries mainly for its anti-bacterial, wound healing and skin soothing qualities. There are over 250 species of Aloe Vera but not all have been studied. I came across a wonderful Aloe Vera cream called Hawaiian Moon Aloe. The reason I like this cream is that it truly absorbs into the skin and is not sticky or tacky. I like it particularly for my hands during the day. I just don’t like hand creams that leave my hands greasy in any manner so when I say this stuff absorbs quickly without any residue, I mean it really does. It leaves my hands feeling very soft. This cream is not specifically a hand cream and is designed to be used anywhere on the body. My husband likes to use it on his face during the day since it absorbs right in and does not leave any shine. The cream can be ordered from or 1-888-aloecrm.


Health Tip- Magnesium and Diabetes

      Some studies have shown that those who consume magnesium from combined food and supplements (about 375 mg a day for woman and 450 mg a day for men) had a 33% lower risk of diabetes. Smaller studies show that magnesium supplements (365mg a day) have lowered insulin resistance and fasting blood sugar levels in overweight people who don’t have diabetes. Magnesium rich foods include whole grains, leafy greens, beans, nuts and coffee (yes coffee!). Taking high doses of magnesium can lead to gastrointestinal complaints so it is probably better to get the majority of your magnesium from food.


Green Tip- Unplug Appliances

      Unplug appliances to save energy while you’re away from home. Many small and large appliances continue to draw electricity even when turned off. If you are not up to running around the house and unplugging everything from your TV to your computer (most of us aren’t, if we are being realistic) then just unplug a few things that are easy to plug back in like your coffee pot or blender.



Dental Tip- Yet another Reason Not to Smoke

      A study out of Boston University’s Goldman School of Dental Medicine showed that people who smoke are more likely to need root canal treatments. The longer you smoke the greater the incidence of needing a root canal. The link is not clear but is thought to be linked to smoking decreasing your ability to ward off infection, increased inflammation and damage to the circulatory system.



Medical Disclaimer: The information provided in this publication is for informational purposes, and is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.


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