Health & Beauty Tips – Week of June 20th

Beauty Tip- How Toxic is Your Hairspray?

Hairspray is one beauty product that is chock full of chemicals and even worse if it is in an aerosol form it also harms the environment. Hairspray contains phthalates, octinoxate and synthetic fragrances (oh my!); these are all chemicals that are known endocrine disruptors.

Your endocrine system consists of glands such as your thyroid, adrenals and male and female sex glands. Basically, your endocrine system controls all biological processes in the body starting from before you are born and continues throughout your entire life…

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Health Tip- Your Morning Java May Be Healthier Than You think

Recent studies indicate that coffee can lower your risk of liver cancer. Swedish researchers found that people who drank 2 cups of coffee a day had about a 30% lower risk of liver cancer than those who drank none. Coffee (regular or decaf) can also help to lower your risk of Type II diabetes and gout.

There is very strong evidence that caffeinated coffee can help reduce the risk of Parkinson’s disease and gallstones. Make sure that you are not loading up your cup of Joe with sugar, cream and syrups which can add a lot of extra calories with no health benefit.

Green Tip- Recycle Paper

Recycled paper requires 64% less energy than making paper from virgin wood pulp so if you don’t recycle anything else, at least recycle paper.

I know that trying to wash out the empty peanut butter jar for the recycle bin is a hassle but recycling junk mail, magazines and newspapers is very easy and every little bit helps.

Dental Tip- Separating Fact from Fiction for Mothers to Be

Congratulations to Stephanie, our insurance coordinator, who is pregnant! This inspired me to help separate fact from fiction regarding pregnancy and dental care so stay tuned for more data in the coming weeks. Here is this week’s myth debunked:

Myth: Poor dental health has no effect on your unborn baby.

Truth: A team of researchers from Case Western University found that there are bacteria that exist in the mouths of women with poor dental hygiene that can travel through the blood stream and affect the pregnancy.

The study showed that some of these bacteria, which cause inflammation, can even cause preterm births and occasionally stillbirths. So it is important for pregnant women to practice good oral hygiene and get their teeth cleaned regularly.