Health & Beauty Tips – Week of June 8th

Hello Everyone,

I hope you find my health, beauty and green tips useful. I have been researching health and wellness for about 30 years now and enjoy sharing my knowledge with my friends and family. When Dr. Camacho decided to open his own practice we wanted to make this practice different. We wanted to focus on high quality state of the art dentistry but also incorporate overall health and wellness into the practice. As part of this philosophy we wanted to make our office as green as possible for our own health as well the health of our staff and our patients. Our own home is green and I was green long before it became the buzz word. My family thought I was a little nuts at times but after some educating soon realized the importance of cutting down their exposure to toxic chemicals and helping our planet. I try to supply data that is informative and also practical.

Ever since I bought my first Revlon frosted blue eyeshadow in the 70’s (now I am giving away my age!) I was hooked on the world of beauty and fashion and found it to be creative and fun. I hope you enjoy my beauty tips and find them useful. Remember, a beautiful smile is your best accessory and we can help you with that.

–June Camacho


Beauty Tip- Baking Soda, a Natural Exfoliator

      Baking soda makes a wonderful exfoliator. It does not contain any harmful ingredients making it a perfect green product for your beauty routine. Ideally, you should exfoliate about 2-3 times a week to remove dead skin cells. Not only does this make your skin appear brighter but also helps your serums and moisturizers absorb better.

Try mixing a little baking soda with your regular cleanser and then using your fingertips gently massage (not scrub) your entire face including all along your jawline. I have read that using baking soda as an exfoliator can help with acne also but could not find any medical proof to support this.


Health Tip- New Breakthrough in Breast Cancer Detection

      Mammograms and ultrasounds have been the traditional methods for detecting breast cancer. A mammogram is an x-ray and safety concerns have been raised regarding cumulative dosing of radiation throughout a person’s life. Ultrasounds are used to view soft tissue and are considered very safe but do not have enough diagnostic value to use as a sole method of screening for breast cancer. Both mammograms and ultrasounds can be difficult to read especially if you have dense or “lumpy” breast tissue or implants.

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Green Tip- Skip Disposable Razors

      According the environmental news website Grist, 2 billion disposable razors end up in United States landfills each year.  Invest in a reusable and refillable razor for a more eco-friendly shave.





Dental Tip- Pure Baby Toothbrush

      We are frequently asked about what kind of toothbrush is best for babies. Pure Baby Toothbrush is designed for ages 6 through 18 months. It is BPA free (this is the bad stuff in plastics), dye free and is designed to be chewed. Not only is it more eco-friendly, it is safe. To order, visit: