Health & Beauty Tips – Week of March 19th

Beauty Tip- Wear Your Shirt Out

      For a more modern look try wearing your shirt untucked with a fitted cropped jacket. This look is more chic and modern than wearing your shirt tucked in which is not really all that flattering anyway since most of us don’t need any more bulk in our midsection. Just make sure the jacket is fitted and cropped or slightly cropped. If you really want to look on trend this season try a jacket in a bright color such as fuchsia, canary yellow or bright blue.


Health Tip- Take a Siesta

      Studies have shown that a “micro-nap” can improve alertness and energy levels. A micro-nap lasts between 20 and 30 minutes and should be taken in the early afternoon. Ironically, consuming some caffeine right before your micro-nap will help you feel more alert afterwards since it takes about 20 to 30 minutes for caffeine to hit your system. Naps that are too long can leave you feeling worse so if you don’t want to consume caffeine be sure to set a timer and get up after the allotted time. Of course the best thing is to try and get a minimum of 8 hours a night so you are not sleepy during the day.


Green Tip- Recycle Toner Cartridges

    Although recycling printer cartridges have grown in popularity in recent years, as much as 70% of all discarded ink cartridges and 50% of all discarded toner cartridges are still not recycled. They go straight to the landfills where they decompose only after 450 to 1,000 years. This adds to our litter and may eventually leak and pollute the environment even more (excerpted from tonergreen website). Check out


Dental Tip- Considering Dental Implants?

      Dental Implants have come a long way over the last decade. They have a much higher success rate and do not take as long as they used to. Frequently, the permanent restoration can be placed on the implant just 6 weeks after placement. We work with one of the top implant surgeons, Dr. Robert Lemke, who has contributed to textbooks , taught at the Health Science Center Dental School and lectures on implants. Call today for a consultation to see if you are a candidate for dental implants.