Health & Beauty Tips – Week of March 5th

Beauty Tip- In Pastels

      In case you have not been keeping up with fashion, pastels are huge this spring. The problem with wearing pastels when you are over forty is that you risk looking matronly. There are a few basic rules for wearing pastels for us over forty gals so we don’t end up looking like an Easter egg or The Queen Mother. First off, mix your pastels with neutral tones like gray, stone, black, brown or navy. This gives it a more modern and fresh twist. Avoid wearing more than 3 different colors otherwise you risk looking like a rainbow which is a very young look and by young I mean under the age of ten. Lastly, avoid pastel tights or hose unless you are under twenty.


Health Tip- Depressed? Get Moving!

      Recent studies have shown that exercise is just as or even more effective at alleviating depression than antidepressants and without all the side effects. Antidepressants are not the panacea they have been touted to be. It is a little ironic that a drug that is supposed to make you feel better has as one of the possible side effects thoughts of suicide or even worse, homicide. Unfortunately these thoughts are often acted on. The Psychiatric industry is a 330 billion dollar a year business and we are the guinea pigs for all these new drugs that are introduced each year. Life is full of all kinds of emotions and experiencing all of those emotions is a basic part of life. Defining any kind of emotion, other than happiness, as an illness is something we should not accept.

Improve your diet, get your vitamin D levels checked (low vitamin D is linked to depression), get moving, talk to a trusted friend or clergy or go out and help another person and chances are you will feel better.


Green Tip- Mule Team Borax

    Sold since 1890, 20 Mule Team Borax is a good disinfectant and mold killer and a very cheap household cleaner. It is kind to the environment and has lots of uses such as polishing stainless steel, as a toilet bowl cleaner, a laundry stain remover and even a carpet freshener all without synthetic fragrances or harmful chemicals.




Dental Tip- A Big Thank You

      Dr. Camacho and his staff would like to extend a thank you to all the patients who donated to Smile Train in the month of February. Smile Train sends doctors to underdeveloped countries to fix cleft lips and palates. These children are ostracized from society and often not allowed to attend school.

Our office donated $1 for every patient who came in for an appointment for the month of February, $50 for every in office whitening and $25 for every take home whitening. This along with the donations from our patients will help these children in need.