Health & Beauty Tips – Week of November 14th

Beauty Tip- Take a Fashion Tip from the Flyboys

      There are certain clothing items that remain timeless and never really go out of style such as a leather bomber jacket. For those of us over forty this is a great way to look fashion forward without looking like you have tried too hard. It looks great with jeans and a white tee as well as something very feminine. It adds a bit of toughness to an outfit which keeps you from looking too matchy-matchy or too coordinated both of which spell matronly. The key is to find a jacket that strikes the right balance between bomber and motorcycle and fits you well.

Fit is so important here. Avoid jackets that are too boxy so look for something with some seaming and not too short. If you have a large bust then steer clear of anything double breasted. Also anything with decals, a belt, lots of zippers, fringe, padded shoulders, dolman sleeves or a hood looks too trendy, too young or dated (think Michael Jackson in Thriller and stay clear of anything resembling that). Leather cuffs are better than knit cuffs. You also don’t want a jacket that looks like a blazer and classic black or brown is best. If you find one with distressed leather that is okay as long as it fits all the other criteria. Black looks best if you have black, grey or dark brown hair and brown looks best on redheads, golden brunettes and golden blondes.

Check out for some great jackets that strike the right balance. Some of my favorites are Blackwave Item #314), Item #632, Item # 1676 or Item # 523. The jackets are around $250 but this is an item that you will be able to wear for years and will look better with age.


Health Tip- Cut Your Risk for Breast Cancer by 40%

      According to a recent study in the American Journal Of Epidemiology, premenopausal woman who had high intakes of dietary folate (abundant in Spinach) cut their breast cancer risk by 40%! Folate is a B vitamin that is crucial for cell division and protects against changes to DNA that may lead to abnormal cell division. The key here is dietary folate as opposed to synthetic found in most vitamins.

Try throwing a handful into smoothies (you won’t taste it, I promise) or make an omelet or scrambled eggs with spinach. A handful in a salad or soup is also a great way to incorporate spinach in your diet. Just remember that organic spinach is best since spinach is on the dirty dozen list of foods highly contaminated with pesticides.


Green Tip- Whats the Deal with Phosphates?

      Phosphates are actually an important plant nutrient but in excess concentrations they destroy our lakes, streams and fresh water bodies. Excess amounts cause algae to grow at high rates. This makes the water smell bad, more expensive and difficult to filter for drinking, unsuitable for swimming and recreation and chokes fish and other plant life. Problems with algae in the Spokane River and Lake Erie are just two examples of this. Most laundry detergents have limited their use but dishwasher detergent is a big problem. Look for phosphate free dishwasher detergent. Yes I know it does not do as good a job but a few spots on your dishes is a small price to pay to help the planet. If every household replaced just one box of phosphate containing dishwasher detergent with a phosphate free product we could save 21 million pounds of phosphates from entering our rivers, lakes and streams.


Dental Tip- Think You Are too Old for Cavities?

      It is estimated that at least 1 in 4 adults between the ages of 20 and 64 have untreated decay in 1 or more of their permanent teeth. The problem with all dental disease is that it does not hurt until it gets very advanced. By this time, it is expensive and harder to treat. Being in the dental field for over 30 years it still baffles me that sometimes a patient will not get a few small cavities taken care of due to various reasons mostly citing financial. The same patient who is wearing designer jeans, carrying a designer bag and just spent $150 to have highlights will tell us they can’t afford a $250 copay to get their cavities taken care of. Now fast forward 20 years and the same patient needs $20k+ to fix their teeth and are embarrassed to smile, have constant pain and the quality of their life is suffering. Don’t be that patient, take care of your teeth and be the patient who can put that $20k in a retirement fund or do something you have always dreamed of. Summer in Tuscany, anyone?