Health & Beauty Tips – Week of October 12th

Beauty Tip- Instant Style

      A fitted jacket will make you look thinner and also add instant style to any outfit. Take jeans and a t-shirt for example. Tuck in your t-shirt, add a fitted jacket and a pair of heels and you turn a boring outfit into a pulled together look add a long scarf and you are now instantly hipper. Be careful about pairing a denim jacket with jeans though, you don’t want to end up looking like a farmer!



Health Tip- Sesame Snap Peas

      I have really been enjoying snap peas lately. Here is a simple and quick recipe that goes well with any stir fry or Asian dish. Drop desired amount of snap peas (you can buy organic ones in a bag that are enough for 2 large servings) in boiling water for about 3 minutes. They will keep their color and still be crisp so they retain their nutrient value. Drain in a colander and place peas back into pot. Toss with about 1 tsp. (you don’t need much!) toasted sesame oil, desired amount of sesame seeds and sea salt. Enjoy!


Green Tip- How we are Helping the Environment

      Amalgam separator- This is a device that is built into the suction system that separates out and collects the mercury from amalgam (silver) fillings so that it can be disposed of in a more environmentally responsible way. Although we do not do any mercury (silver) fillings at our office, most of the fillings that we replace are and without an amalgam separator all of the toxic mercury goes right into the water system.

Growing environmental concern over the accumulation of mercury in some fish has led some state and local environmental agencies to pursue stricter regulation of mercury in wastewater and an amalgam separator is mandatory in some states. Although Texas does not require dental offices to have an amalgam separator, here at Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio we are committed to doing what we can to be more environmentally responsible.


Dental Tip- Don’t Brush Dentures and Partials with Toothpaste

      Brushing dentures and partials with toothpaste creates microscopic scratches. Even though you can’t see them, these scratches are a breeding ground for bacteria which can lead to bad breath. In a recent study of 234 denture wearers only 11% had clean dentures. Dentures and partials should only be cleaned with products designed specifically for them.