Health & Beauty Tips – Week of October 17th

Beauty Tip- Unleash Your Inner Animal!

      Animal print never goes out of style so it is a safe purchase and can be very glamorous. There are however a few rules to follow when wearing animal print. The first cardinal rule is do not wear more than one item at a time of anything with animal print (this includes snake print also). If you are wearing an animal print jacket then an animal print purse or belt is a no-no.

It also depends on your personality. If you are bold then you can probably pull off a beautiful animal print coat but keep the rest of your outfit simple like a black sheath dress. If you are more subdued then an animal print purse can add instant style to an otherwise boring outfit.

An animal print belt is great if you work in a conservative setting and want to add a little personality to a classic business suit. Red lipstick with animal print can up the glam factor if you are going out at night. It is fine to own several pieces of animal print clothing and accessories, just don’t wear them together. Whatever piece you wear, you want it to be the center of the outfit and not have anything else compete with it. Also, please don’t wear frosted pale pink lipstick with animal print or better yet don’t wear frosted pale pink lipstick at all!



Health Tip- Think Twice Before Popping a Pill for a Headache

      Most people immediately reach for some type of pain reliever (prescription and over the counter) when they have a headache. If you take pain relievers more than three times a week you raise your risk for “rebound” pain. Pain relievers constrict blood vessels which help to alleviate pain but once they wear off the vessels swell even larger triggering this rebound pain thereby prolonging your headache.

The only way to get off the roller coaster is to go cold turkey. You may want to start this on a Friday to have the weekend to recover. It takes at least a week to get rid of the rebound effect. Find out better ways to deal with your headaches. Keep a food diary and see if certain foods trigger headaches. Foods such as chocolate (sigh), alcohol, aged cheese, bananas and aspartame (better known as Nutrasweet-another good reason to give it up) can trigger headaches. Grinding your teeth can also cause headaches.

If wake up in the morning with a headache you might be grinding your teeth. Your dentist can do an evaluation of your bite and recommend treatments. Often, straightening your teeth will alleviate this. You should consult with your medical doctor and your dentist for a complete work-up if you have more than occasional headaches.


Green Tip- Digital X-rays are Kinder to the Environment

      We use digital x-rays here at Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio. Digital x-rays can cut your exposure to radiation by as much as 80-90%. Since there is no actual film used there are no lead foils found in traditional x-rays to go into the landfill. They also do not require any toxic developing solutions. Developing solutions expose the staff, patients and the environment to toxic chemicals. It is a win-win for the patient and the environment!



Dental Tip- How to Care for Your Toothbrush

      Be sure to rinse your toothbrush with water after using and store it in an upright position. It is best to allow it to air-dry before using it again. Alternating between two toothbrushes will ensure each one has a chance to dry. Don’t cover your toothbrush or store it in a closed container both of which can encourage the growth of bacteria. A good rule of thumb is to replace your toothbrush every three months or if you have been ill and don’t share your toothbrush!