Health & Beauty Tips – Week of September 12th

Beauty Tip- Who is Qualified to Administer Facial Fillers and Botox?

       It seems like just about everyone is offering facial fillers and botox these days. The truth is that any doctor, dentist, RN or PA can take a 2 day course and be “qualified” to administer fillers and botox. We have all seen the effects on Hollywood celebrities of what can happen when those with little experience or understanding of facial features are performing these procedures. Distorted features and a “frozen” face are some of the more common side effects of fillers and botox in the hands of the inexperienced.

To be on the safe side make sure the injector is board-certified in plastic surgery, facial plastic surgery, dermatology or oculoplastic surgery. A few red flags include the injector is not able to answer all your questions about the product, you are not given any informed consent papers to read and sign and you are not asked about you medical history including allergies and medications.



Health Tip- Men and Excess Iron

      Iron is an element that is essential for regulation of cell growth and differentiation (The process by which cells become progressively more specialized; a normal process through which cells mature). A deficiency limits the amount of oxygen that is carried to the cells and can result in fatigue, poor work performance, decreased immunity and glossitis (inflamed tongue). It is important that you get enough iron but not too much.

Men are much more susceptible to iron excess caused by a condition known as hemochromatosis. Primary hemochromatosis is usually caused by a specific genetic problem that causes too much…



Green Tip- Eco friendly Toothbrushes

      Over 20 billion toothbrushes are thrown away each year, which work their way into landfills, or get burned in incinerators (and we breathe them). As part of our commitment to being green and helping to educate others, the tooth brushes we give to patients are made from recycled plastic, are BPA free (toxic chemical found in plastics), made in the USA and completely recyclable after use. You can return it back to us at your next appointment or drop it off at Whole Foods in the Preserve Gimme 5 bin.




Dental Tip- Tic Tac?, No, Please take one!

      Halitosis or bad breath is embarrassing and chances are most people will not tell you that you have bad breath. If people are constantly offering you mints or gum that could be a clue! 85% of people with bad breath have a dental problem. What causes bad breath? Gum disease, decaying teeth and just plain poor oral hygiene are the most common causes.

Your mouth is the ideal temperature for food to start decomposing. When you breathe out, the decomposing food, bacteria and plaque (film that builds up on your teeth every 12-24 hours) causes the bad smell. Basically, it is rotting matter in your mouth (Ewww!). I can guarantee that if you have neglected dental problems it has affected you in some way even if you don’t know it. You have not gotten a job, or a date or made a sell if you have chronic bad breath. Mouth rinses, gum and mints only mask it temporarily (about 10-15 minutes at the most). See your dentist regularly and take care of your teeth.