Health & Beauty Tips – Week of September 19th

Beauty Tip- The Perfect Sunscreen for Your Face

      I have been looking for the perfect sunscreen for my face for a long time. Sunscreens either contain chemicals such as Parsol 1789, Benzophenones (Oxybenzone, dixoybenzone) or PABA that have been linked to estrogenic properties, are foreign to the human body and are stored in fat tissues or they contain a mechanical barrier such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide that are not toxic but leave you looking like Casper the friendly ghost. Most of the non-toxic ones I have tried (about 15 at this point) are usually just too heavy or greasy even if I did not mind looking like a Geisha girl (never mind the fact that I would have to wear those wooden flip flops with socks to complete the look and I just don’t think I can carry that off).

My dilemma with these heavy sunscreens is that they don’t really contain any “treatment” ingredients so I can’t use them with my regular moisturizer and they have a tendency to break me out. I finally found the perfect sunscreen for my face, 100% pure Argan Oil Hydration with SPF 30 made by 100 Percent Pure.

The name is a little misleading since it is a light lotion and not an oil. It contains treatment ingredients such as Argan oil which is very light and nourishing and is good for all skin types and also contains antioxidants. If you have very dry skin you could probably apply it over your daytime moisturizer but I use it as my moisturizer since it has treatment ingredients.

The best part is it does not leave you looking like Casper! You can order it from their


Health Tip- Do You Know Your Vitamin D number?

      We are urged by doctors to know our cholesterol number and our blood pressure numbers but most people have no idea what their vitamin D number is. According to recent studies it is estimated that almost 3/4 of the population (including children) are deficient in Vitamin D also known as the sunshine vitamin.

Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption and is linked to heart disease, Type II diabetes and cognitive decline in older adults. All those calcium supplements we take as women do us no good without vitamin D. Seems increased use of sunscreen and little time spent outdoors are contributing factors.

When I was tested about 3 years ago I was very deficient. Just recently, 3 people I know who were tested were also deficient including my mother who lives in Florida and does get out in the sun almost daily. Most doctors are still not testing Vitamin D levels routinely.

The most accurate way to measure how much vitamin D is in your body is the 25-hydroxy vitamin D test. Everyone needs to request this blood test. If you are deficient then your doctor will probably put you on some mega-doses for a while and then check you again in a few months. Do not try to supplement yourself without knowing your baseline. Mega-dosing without supervision is not advised since too much vitamin D is not good either.


Green Tip- Pay Your Bills Online

      I have been paying my bills online for years but apparently there are those who don’t take advantage of this free service offered by most banks. This saves time, envelopes and postage. Ask your bank how to set this up online. I think there is a misconception that this service is an automatic draft where the biller deducts from your account and some are not comfortable with that.

Once you set up the billers information (you only have to do it once) within your own banking account all you do is enter the amount, the date you want to pay and hit submit. The bank generates the check and sends it out for you on the date you request. There are no automatic deductions unless you choose to set them up and even then you can stop it yourself with one click so you have total control. Easy and Green and no more writing out a check or trying to find a stamp.


Dental Tip- Laser Bacterial Reduction

      Here at Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio we pride ourselves in being able to offer leading edge treatment. As part of our gum treatment program we do laser bacterial reduction. Using a special dental laser (the procedure is painless) we utilize laser energy to reduce the bacterial count from billions down to hundreds around each tooth. This allows for better healing and reattachment of gum tissue that has pulled away from the tooth. We are one of less than 15% of dental offices nationwide that utilize this technology.