Health & Beauty Tips – Week of February 13th

Beauty Tip- Creating  A Longer Leg Line

      Not everyone is blessed with long legs and we have to make the most of what we’ve got. I like to create what I call illusion dressing. That’s illusion, not delusion which is a 40 year old wearing her daughter’s jeans thinking it makes her look younger but I digress. Illusion dressing is creating the look of longer legs, smaller waste, bigger or smaller bust etc. depending on your body. It is really all about proportion. If you want to create the illusion of longer legs do not wear long jackets or blazers especially those that hit mid thigh. A fitted jacket that hits at the top of your hips will help create the illusion of longer legs and make you appear thinner.



Health Tip- Lead In Lipstick

      Lead in lipstick has been a concern of some consumer groups for a number of years. The FDA does not currently regulate lead in lipstick and formally states that they don’t believe it is a concern since lipstick is not consumed. California is the only state to regulate how much lead can be in lipstick which they set at 5 parts per million (PPM) as the upper limit. Lead is a heavy metal and it does make sense that it can be absorbed especially since most of us probably inadvertently eat our lipstick. Of the 400 lipsticks tested Maybelline’s Color Sensational in Pink Petal had the highest amount at 7.19 PPM and L’Oreal’s Colour Juice in Cherry on Top had some of the lowest a 0.026 PPM. T get the complete list visit


Green Tip- Stop Getting Catalogs

      Every year about 19 billion catalogs are mailed to consumers with a staggering cost to the environment. Over 50 million trees and 56 billion gallons of wastewater are required to produce these catalogs. Go to to stop unwanted catalogs.





Dental Tip- Now Accepting United Concordia and Delta Dental!

      Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio is now in network United Concordia and Delta Dental! Call today for details.