Post-Operative Instructions

Here at Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio we are an eco-friendly office and are doing our part to help reduce paper waste. Our office is virtually paperless and all of our records are stored electronically so that is why you don’t see the huge wall of paper charts when you come to our office. Paper charts can also get misfiled and lost which is another problem.

This section of our website has post-operative instructions that can be viewed online by patients and therefore don’t have to be printed out further reducing the need for paper. You will find detailed instructions on how to care for your mouth after certain dental procedures.

Should you have any questions at all after your treatment, feel free to call the office and one our staff will get your questions answered in a timely manner or have Dr. Camacho call you. If you need assistance after hours, you can call Dr. Camacho at his home 210-408-9181 or on his cell 210-254-8272. Dr. Camacho will return your call personally and not an answering service or the “on call doctor”. We are committed to providing personalized care and part of that is having an open communication line with Dr. Camacho. He is always available to answer any questions or address any concerns.

Care of the mouth after a root canal

Care of the mouth after extractions

Care of the mouth after preparation for crowns/bridges/veneers

Post-operative instructions after placement of an immediate denture

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