San Antonio Doctors’ Philanthropic Efforts Enable Young Woman to Smile

Dr. Edward Camacho, Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas (August 3, 2015) – In a city of 1.5 million people, good deeds happen all the time, but unfortunately we don’t often get to hear about them, which is why it’s especially refreshing to learn about the recent philanthropic work performed by Dr. Edward Camacho of Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio and oral and maxillo facial surgeon, Dr. Robert Lemke.

It all started with a young woman by the name of Crystal Galindo who visited Dr. Camacho to inquire about veneers, but in reality she needed far more than just veneers. In fact, Crystal needed tens of thousands of dollars of restorative and orthodontic work to fix a bilateral cleft palate that normally would have been corrected before adulthood.

“In America, this kind of deformity is typically handled very early in life, often at the government’s expense. Crystal started in that program and then sadly her journey was interrupted. When I met her, her upper jaw was actually in three pieces, being held together by some gum tissue. It would move from side-to-side, and when she told me she wouldn’t even smile for her wedding photos, it was heartbreaking,” explained Dr. Camacho.

“As a child I was teased and always stared at, but it was one of those things where I thought I had to live with what I had. This is what I need to love,” shared Galindo, and she did, that is until she met June Camacho, Dr. Camacho’s compassionate wife and office manager. It was clear right away that Crystal needed a lot more than veneers and that her insurance would not cover the bulk of it, but June and Crystal formed a special connection. “June called me a few days after my initial consultation and told me they came up with a plan to help me. They even found a doctor, Dr. Lemke, who was willing to fix the bone in the palate where there was still a hole,” said Galindo.

Dr. Edward Camacho, Cosmetic Dentistry of San AntonioDr. Lemke was able to get one of his dental suppliers to donate approximately $8,000 worth of bone grafting material, and as someone who knew and respected Dr. Camacho, was also willing to donate the surgical procedures necessary prior to orthodontic correction and restorative treatment. Now, two years and several surgeries and procedures later, Crystal can confidently smile for the first time in her life. “I feel so grateful and blessed that someone wanted to help me,” said Galindo. “I think it’s changed a lot in my life. Now, when I take my kids to school, I’m not the weird-looking mom. I was always afraid my kids would be embarrassed by me.”

For Dr. Camacho, the experience was, “rewarding on many levels. Crystal is just a really nice person who had the misfortune of being born with a physical problem, but she’s a sharp, responsible person. She was a dream to work with. She also worked to pay what she could, and we were happy to help out where we could.”

Dr. Lemke added, “It’s really rewarding to see the changes, and now, her beautiful smile!”

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