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Lyndsey is 100% happy with her treatment. She received eight no-prep veneers to whiten her teeth and replace some existing bonding.

“The knowledge and confidence about the procedure is what made my decision easier. I had contemplated the procedure for 5 years. I wanted to have them done very badly, but I was so worried that I wouldn’t like the outcome and it would look fake.

“Now that I have them done, I can’t believe I waited so long. It is unbelievable how much more confident I am when I smile. Dr. Camacho is very knowledgeable and I would recommend him to anyone. After my treatment, I convinced by husband to see Dr. Camacho and see what he recommended for him.

“The entire staff is super friendly and was able to answer any questions I had. The technology in the office is top notch and made me feel more confident in my decision, knowing I was getting top of the line treatment. I am 100% happy with my treatment results and am SO glad I took Dr. Camacho’s advice and got eight veneers.“




Dr. Camacho was able to make Arlene’s wish come true. No-prep veneers were used to increase the size of her teeth and make them more even.

“My experience with Dr. Camacho and staff was wonderful. He is very honest and always offers the best for his patients. Everyone made me feel very comfortable. As soon as I met with Dr. Camacho to begin my consultation for the lumineers I knew that I could trust that the results of my new smile would be phenomenal.

“At the time I was about to graduate from college and I wanted a perfect smile to walk across the stage with. Dr. Camacho was able to grant my wish.”




Lorraine had extensive crowding which was corrected with Invisalign. Now Lorraine’s smile brings her confidence daily.

“I first heard about Dr. Camacho from friends that have been his patients. Their testimonials and Dr. Camacho’s amazing results were what caused me to decide to go to Dr. Camacho. Dr. Camacho is very kind and professional and is very informative when it comes to any treatment. And his staff is very professional and are always there to answer your questions.

“As a patient, I had the opportunity to take advantage of Invisalign. After the Invisalign treatment I have an amazing and healthy smile. My smile brings me confidence every day!”




Shianne came to Dr. Camacho to handle her crowded upper and lower teeth. She received Invisalign and couldn’t be happier. She decided to make Dr. Camacho her full time dentist.

“I needed a noninvasive, aesthetically pleasing method of straightening my teeth. I am in sales and therefore rely on my smile daily. Invisalign allowed me to straighten my teeth with no worrying about others being able to see I was being treated. My teeth are now perfectly straight and look much healthier.

“Dr. Camacho is extremely professional and friendly. He is very thorough and a great communicator. His communication about the treatment was very clear and precise. I very much enjoyed his services.”



David’s teeth were healthy but he didn’t like the way they looked. He received six no-prep veneers and is extremely pleased with the results.

“Every aspect of my experience with Dr. C. was outstanding. He was honest about what my options were, guided me down a treatment path, and delivered the results he guaranteed. This is easily one of the best decisions I have made, and I couldn’t have been more pleased to choose Dr. C. as my dentist.

“Also, I just feel more comfortable smiling now. No longer do I have to hide my teeth. I can just be myself.”



Laura was unhappy with the color and shape of her front teeth. She received Lumineers veneers and loves how they look.

“My smile is amazing. My clients comment every day at how nice my teeth are. That makes me feel great. It was the best investment I ever made. I have a Million Dollar Smile.

“Dr. Camacho is an expert in his field!! He has a keen aesthetic eye and his attention to detail is impeccable. It is obvious as soon as he walks into the office.”



Esther received Invisalign to straighten her teeth. She loves the way they look and feel now.

“Dr. C. is friendly, professional and always willing to explain all the procedures he will perform. I just love the girls! Every one of them is always pleasant and willing to accommodate any need I have.

“Invisalign gave me the results I was looking for. I just love the way my teeth look and feel. And I receive nice compliments on my smile.

“Dr. C. and his excellent staff helped me keep all the dates and aligners organized. Every assistant that works in this office is extremely friendly and always make me feel like they know me. I am never afraid to come to the dentist. In fact, I look forward to the experience.”



John received an upper denture and is happy to say he has his smile back.

“I have been to three dentists in my life. But this visit was the best experience. Everyone was extra nice. I felt very comfortable. I was like a VIP. No pressure. Everybody took their time to explain, even Dr. Camacho. I would recommend your services to anyone. I feel better about myself and I can smile again. Thank you for giving me back my smile.”


Dr. Lemke likes Dr. Camacho’s dedication to excellence.
“I have known Dr. Camacho for many years, and with each year my respect for his excellent patient care increases. He sets high standards for his staff, which results in the excellent treatment for his patients. His focus on continued education, advancements, and technology show that he is fully committed to achieving the best for his patients.

“It is an honor to work with him. In particular, he is one of very few dentists who can competently and skillfully perform full-arch reconstruction cases.”

-Robert Lemke DDS, MD (Oral Surgeon)

Dr. Johnson enjoys visiting Dr. Camacho’s office.
“I always find a pleasant, friendly and professional atmosphere. It’s difficult to imagine there is a better office in this city.”

-Dallas Johnson, MD

Crowns and Veneers
“My teeth were always a big issue. I was so embarrassed. Coming in to get them fixed was the most amazing thing I’ve ever done. The staff was super awesome, made me feel so comfortable. Now I’m in love with my teeth!”


Cleaning/Filling Replaced
“I love the Dental Vibe! This machine made getting a shot seem almost unnoticeable. I have told Dr. Camacho how pleasant his shots are compared to other dentists, but this was the best yet. Thank you!”


Quality Service
“I was very pleased with my treatment and the level of care and commitment here at Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio, with both Dr. Camacho and his team. It’s great to feel good about a dentist now–sometimes I can’t help but smile to myself when I receive a reminder in my calendar for my appointments!”


“I initially had a lot of apprehension about having cosmetic dental work despite my gapped upper teeth seemingly widening yearly as I neared sixty, but when I saw Dr. Camacho smiling on those commercials on television, I felt compelled to explore one of the best decisions I have ever made. I feel so confident of my smile. The compliments are endless from family, friends and strangers. I wish I would have done this, years ago.”


Porcelain Crowns
“The service that Dr. Camacho completed on my teeth in 2004 was outstanding. As of today, January 2010, I am very pleased with the quality of the work performed. I am still amazed that he could have my teeth look as beautiful and natural as they are. When I have my teeth cleaned by my family dentist office, the oral hygienist always comments about the outstanding quality of my crown and bridges. Even my family dentist thinks the work is outstanding. I have not experienced any negative reactions. My results have been very good, even after 5 years.”


Crowns and Bridges
“The patient care was very pleasant. All the staff were very considerate while performing the dental work, and during the follow up procedures. My teeth look great! Thank you.”


“Your office is a wonderful place to go! Everyone was cheerful and helpful. Thank you for your kindness!


“Lumineers have raised my self-confidence. Meeting new people and not worrying if they are looking at my teeth. Most important of all it has given me a great smile. My family tells me that I have never smiled the way I do now. This was thanks to Dr. Camacho and his staff. Thanks everybody!!!”


New Teeth In A Day
“Thank you for the makeover! Smile 🙂 Smile 🙂 I Cannot believe it has been 10 months since I had my oral surgery and finally getting my final teeth! I cannot wait to eat some of my favorite foods and smile, smile! It has been very pleasant visit each and every time. Thank you for so much expertise and professional dental staff.”

-M. C.

“I couldn’t be happier with my new smile. The results are drastically different from my original teeth of having a gap in the center to a full straight row of aligned teeth. When I came back to San Antonio from college, my friends couldn’t believe the change! They were blown away. I feel more confident to make friends, speak out during class and enjoy life! Thank you so much Dr. Camacho and staff for your wonderful hospitality and work!”


“I am so pleased with the results of my Invisalign treatment. Within the past 10 months I have achieved my goal of a perfect smile, at 48! I feel great and I love to show off my smile — it took years off my face!”


“Since day one I have been treated with the best service. I always wanted straight teeth and a better smile, and I finally found the place where they put my needs first. I am also pleased with my new smile. Everyone was extremely nice and not to mention patient with me. Now I’m not afraid to smile. My hand will no longer go up to cover my teeth when I laugh. Thanks for everything.”


“I love my new smile! Fixing my teeth has really changed my look and made me more confident. Thank you Dr. Camacho and staff for all of your hard work in making it possible.”


“The whole transformation of my teeth has truly been remarkable. Looking back on the condition of my teeth and where they are now is great! Week after week the slight movements all add up to one big movement. I am very happy with the results. I smile all the time now!”


Invisalign and Crowns
“When I came to see Dr. Camacho my teeth were not straight and in very bad shape. In less than six months or maybe a little more, my teeth are straight, clean and now I have the confidence to smile and laugh, meet people with a smile, an open smile that I never had before. I’ve learned how to take care of my teeth. Also, the team at Dr. Camacho’s are great. They make you feel comfortable. The fear that I had of dentists is taken away.”


“I have always had a big smile and I am known for my smile. I have been waiting for this technology for 17 years. It was love at first bite when I met Dr. Camacho! He gave me the smile I have been waiting for all my life.”


“I came back here because years ago I had a crown and Dr. Camacho did it, it was very painless and uneventful. I didn’t realize how spectacular that was until later I had a crown done elsewhere. So I came back here despite the drive from Austin. Everyone was friendly, the people who helped were professional and helpful and Dr. Camacho’s service is excellent, very A to B, very competent.”


New Teeth In A Day
“This is a life-changing solution to the multitude of dental issues I was facing. My confidence was restored. My quality of life vastly improved. Most importantly my overall general health is much better! I got my smile back! Thank God!”

-B. M.

“From beginning to end, this has been one of the most fabulous experiences I’ve ever had. I grew up on a west Texas ranch and never had any kind of smile I was proud of. I never smiled openly. I love to laugh and talk but I did so with my teeth showing as little as possible. I had some veneers put on (elsewhere), they were unacceptable. After seeing Dr. Camacho, I will now be happier than ever to show off the beautiful teeth I never had. Thanks to the most wonderful, patient and experienced staff I could ever imagine. I will always be grateful.”


“It was amazing. Everyone is great here. My teeth look great and I love to smile now.”


“Dr. Camacho is very friendly and gentle. He is the best dentist I’ve ever had! Thank you very much.”


”What a great experience. After two visits I can now resume my smile and I am so proud to smile again! Thanks to Dr. Camacho.”