Tooth Extractions in San Antonio

Tooth Extractions

Dr. Camacho performs gentle tooth extractions.

Gentle low-force extractions

Dr. Edward Camacho will try to repair a tooth with a filling, crown or other dental treatment if it has been badly damaged by decay or has broken. However, when there is too much damage for the tooth to be fixed, that tooth must be extracted. Also, if an abscessed tooth fails to respond to antibiotics it will often need to be extracted to prevent the infection from spreading.

For all teeth except impacted wisdom teeth under the bone, Dr. Camacho uses the modern atraumatic extraction technique. This is a gentle, low-force extraction technique that does not cause any damage or injury during the extraction. This techniques also preserves the bone around the tooth.

Making Wisdom Teeth Extractions easier on you

Tooth ExtractionsUsually during your late teens or early twenties your last set of molars will emerge. These are your wisdom teeth. If you have an impacted wisdom tooth that means it is emerging at an angle, and not straight through as it should.

An impacted wisdom tooth can be painful since it might emerge just partially – or the tooth may come in unevenly. Additionally it can cause structural damage to your jaw and other teeth and can provide a home for bacteria to grow.

Dr. Camacho has extensive experience in wisdom teeth extraction. He uses the latest extraction methods combined with leading-edge technology to remove wisdom teeth in a gentle way that causes minimal post-operative discomfort and promotes fast healing.

Socket preservation for implants

A socket is left empty when a tooth is extracted. To save the bone that has been lost, minimize bleeding and speed up the healing process, Dr. Camacho uses the socket preservation technique. This means that the tooth socket is filled with bone grafting material after the tooth is extracted to help minimize post-extraction bone loss.

This procedure, which Dr. Camacho is very experienced in performing, is known also as a socket graft, a ridge preservation or an extraction socket graft.

Socket healing

Dr. Camacho uses SockIt! on an empty socket after a tooth has been removed. SockIt! is an aloe vera based wound dressing approved by FDA for management of all oral wounds. It is non-toxic, drug-free and provides fast, constant pain relief without causing a numbing sensation. SockIt! also promotes optimal wound healing while protecting the socket form microbial and chemical contamination.

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