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Dr. Edward Camacho has been selected as one of “America’s Top Dentists” by the Consumers’ Research Council of America in 2005, 2006 and 2009 – 2013.

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National Glossy Magazine Herald As The Beauty Authority.

Dr. Edward J Camacho FEATURED IN NEWBEAUTY® MAGAZINE(September 24, 2015) Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Edward J Camacho, is featured in the Fall/Winter 2015 edition of NewBeauty magazine, which is due on newsstands September 30, 2015.

Dr. Camacho has been restoring San Antonio smiles for over almost 35 years. There are a lot of cosmetic procedures that have become so routine these days but the fact of the matter is that crooked, yellow, chipped and stained teeth age you significantly no matter what other cosmetic procedures you have done. Restoring your smile to a youthful appearance is so much easier these days and often can be done in just a few visits. Don’t let your smile give your age away. Let us help you get your dream smile and the confidence that goes with it.

Readers looking for the latest in “must-have” beauty products, anti-aging strategies and cosmetic enhancements turn to the pages of NewBeauty. The world’s most unique beauty magazine, NewBeauty is the ultimate aesthetic resource for “everything beauty,” covering subjects from advancements in facial fillers to the most luxurious spa treatments to the newest wrinkle-reducing serums and everything in between. NewBeauty’s reach beyond print—to online and retail—cements its reputation as a beauty brand powerhouse among readers, marketers and medical professionals.

Dr. Edward J Camacho FEATURED IN NEWBEAUTY® MAGAZINEYet no other publication approaches the subject with NewBeauty’s dedication to fairness and accuracy. Issue after issue, NewBeauty fills the void for reliable information on all types of aesthetic procedures in light of the growing interest and surge in cosmetic-enhancing treatments. Informed, enlightened and inspired readers are empowered to make the best decisions to reach their beauty goals, be they topical, surgical or minimally invasive.

To ensure the accuracy of information in NewBeauty’s pages, the publisher established the Editorial Advisory Board, comprised of recognized experts in their respective fields. Each article and advertisement has been carefully reviewed by at least two members of the Advisory Board, assuring readers that the information provided is fair, accurate and reliable. In its Beauty Experts Guide, NewBeauty only profiles physicians who are board-certified plastic surgeons, facial plastic surgeons and dermatologists, as well as cosmetic dentists who have met rigorous standards and demonstrate extreme due diligence in their respective fields.

With a distribution of approximately 500,000 copies per issue, NewBeauty is available for purchase at 40,000 plus retailers in the United States, including major bookstores like Barnes & Noble, as well as airports, supermarkets and newsstands.

Invisalign Shootout Contest

Invisalign Logo - Cosmetic Dentistry of San AntonioDr. Camacho was recognized by his peers in the 2013 Invisalign Shootout Contest which is held every two years. Doctors from all over the United States submit their Invisalign cases and the best ones are voted on by Invisalign providers. Dr. Camacho had two cases that were selected by his peers to go to the semi-finals out of hundreds of submissions. He was recognized in the Crowding and Pre-Restorative treatment categories. His cases were published in the 2013 Invisalign Gallery (see below)

Invisalign - Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio

Dr. Camacho was also featured in the 2015 Invisalign Shootout. He had two more cases selected to the semi-finals. See the gallery below for 2015.

Patient 1: 41-year-old male
Chief concern: The patient was concerned about his severe anterior crowding, and complained that his teeth were hard to oss. He wanted straighter teeth, but he was not concerned about any aesthetic improvements.

Invisalign case study before and after photos.

Patient 2: 27-year-old male
Chief concern: The patient was unhappy with his crowded teeth.

Invisalign case study before and after photos.

Media and Press

Dr. Camacho has been nominated by his peers and awarded, Super Dentists Texas 2016.

2016 Texas Super Dentists - Awards & Media

Dr. Camacho is featured in the 2015 Winter/Spring edition of New Beauty magazine as an expert in cosmetic dentistry.

featured in New Beauty magazine as expert cosmetic dentist

San Antonio Dentist features Dr. Camacho’s services.

San Antonio Dentist Magazine 2016