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Dental Technology

With the use of digital technology, digital X-Rays 3D imaging has definitely increased our accuracy and efficiency in being able to place implants and do it much more effectively than ever before. With the availability of the 3D cone beam X-ray systems, we now get that third dimension in advance.

Dental Technology

Through 3-D imaging and digital x-rays we can see the full scope of your teeth and jaw without having to wait for traditional x-rays. We offer 3D imaging for implant planning because we want to give you the very best in terms of diagnosis and treatment, and 3D imaging helps us do just that.

For a precise fit for crowns and bridges, we use digital impression technology. This allows us to get an accurate measurement to ensure a better fit. As an added benefit, digital impression technology eliminates the discomfort often associated with traditional tooth impressions.

If you hate getting shots at the dentist, we have the solution! Using DentalVibe, we can cause the tissues around the injection site to vibrate while we give you the anesthesia injection. The feeling of the vibration reaches your brain first and essentially blocks the feeling of the shot. With DentalVibe, there’s no reason to fear injections or the pain associated with them.

The VELscope® Oral Cancer Screening System is a breakthrough technology that allows Dr. Camacho to detect early signs of oral cancer. At our office, your health is everything! That’s why we recommend you have the screening once a year. It only takes a few minutes, but those few minutes could save your life!

OrthoPulse® is a device that is used in conjunction with braces or clear aligners. It uses light energy to stimulate the bone surrounding the roots of your teeth, speeding up the process of tooth movement. We offer this technology to those who want to see quicker results with their orthodontia.
Our soft tissue laser allows us to give you a more comfortable experience as we remove excess gum tissue from around your teeth. Dental lasers provide a much better experience for our patients, meaning you can get rid of that gummy smile once and for all.
If you’re embarrassed about your dull smile, we have the answer! KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching System can whiten even the most stained teeth. And, it has been created to avoid creating tooth sensitivity, a problem with other whitening systems.

State of the art technology to accelerate your journey to a great smile – at Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio

It’s very important for practitioners to keep up with technology, to keep up with advances. I’ve been practicing for over 40 years now. How I was doing things those first 10 years out of school compared to now is radically different with the use of computers. With the use of digital technology, digital X-Rays 3D imaging has definitely increased our accuracy and efficiency in being able to place implants and do it much more effectively than ever before. With the availability of the 3D cone beam X-ray systems, we now get that third dimension in advance. We know exactly how far apart these teeth are, how much bone we have available, how much depth we have, and we’re able to place implants with much more accuracy, much less discomfort. Typically afterwards. Maybe a patient might need to take Tylenol, but even in that situation, very, very little interruption in normal daily activities with this type of surgery, we have an additional technology available in this office called an iTero Intraoral scanner.
This is a very highly specialized camera that will digitally record all of the dimensions of the teeth in a degree of accuracy. Much more improved from taking a physical impression. We have been using lasers at least 12 years. We use them to sculpt gums for cosmetic purposes. We’ll use them to treat gum infections. Even people that get fever blisters, we can use lasers to minimize the discomfort from them and also speed up the healing time from ’em. That lasers in dentistry are a tremendous benefit. Don’t settle for outdated care when we have the latest and most effective technology for your dental treatments. Call us today to find out more.

I have a number of pieces of technology that I use in my office. One of the ones that I think patients find the most gratification for me using in comments about is something called a dental vibe – it is an instrument that I use to kind of lift and hold to the side. I lift and hit a button and it vibrates and I put it in the area that I am going to place the anesthetic and with vibrations I take all of the nerve endings in the area and flood them with all of this non painful information and when I give the actual injections and I am done – patients will say what was that? Did you just give me a shot? And the answer is yes – because this little piece of technology makes the getting of an injection extremely confortable so the dental vibe when I saw it was availed I thought it made a lot of sense and the number of positive comment that I had about such a simple idea but a powerful effect that it has on one of the areas that patients dread the most now that is one piece of technology I use and another one I have available here is called an iTero – it is an intra-oral scanner which means it is basically a camera that can fit into the mouth and it digitally records all of the dimension to the teeth to take a digital impressions so we use this for taking measurements for crowns, veneers and bridges. We also use this to take any impressions from orthodontic or Invisalign cases, so there is no more goopy impressions with the goop going down the back of the throat. It is certainly a more comfortable and definitely a much more accurate way of doing thing and then I also have a cone beam x-ray machine. Cone beam is basically a 3D x-ray so if a patient is in need of a dental implant, we need to be able to assess whether there is sufficient bone in the rea and so this piece of technology can capture a 3D x-ray to know exactly not only do I have enough bone but where exactly I can design and place my implant that leads to a much better final result because sometimes I have to fit an implant into a really tight space and knowing exactly how I can guide its placement. This technology assists me in being able to address that.

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