Staff Spotlights


Brooke Wilson is an accounts manager and registered dental assistant for our office. She’s been with us for almost a decade, and always comes to work with both a positive attitude and a love for our patients that we couldn’t do without.

Her two favorite things about working in a dental office are learning new things every day and making a difference in people’s lives.

Brooke moved here several years ago in an attempt to escape the cold winters of Iowa. She has two enthusiastic kids—ages four and six—that she loves spending time with.

Both of them have big plans to be dentists when they grow up. Brooke looks forward to putting them through college, and someday helping them run their own practices.


Stacey is an enthusiastic member of our staff. We’ve been lucky enough to have her with us for eight years and counting.

Dental work is very fulfilling for Stacey. She is passionate about helping patients reach their highest potential. Seeing them walk out the door with healthier, brighter, and more confident smiles is the reason for everything she does here in the office.

Outside of dentistry, Stacey loves spending time with her family, which includes her husband, two daughters, and two dogs.


Terri has been a dental assistant for twenty-three years now, giving her a great deal of invaluable experience which only makes our office a better place. She is extensively trained in cosmetic dental procedures and always strives to do her very best for each and every patient.

Terri finds it intensely rewarding to work with the amazing people we have on our staff, and in using that great teamwork to change the lives of our patients.

Outside of the office, she brings that same enthusiasm to the lives of her family and friends as they spend quality time together.