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Smile Virtual Consultations

Do you have a question about your smile? Ask our dentists directly by submitting your case online. Get an in-depth review of your concerns without leaving the comfort of your home.

Our pre-screening and digital process is easy! You don’t have to try to fit an appointment into your already busy schedule or waste time being on hold with a dental office.

Your “goal smile” starts with a selfie!

It is one of the most important selfies you will ever take – the one that kicks off the process of your transformative virtual smile consultation! At Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio, we serve the Texas Triangle with exceptional dental care powered by state-of-the-art technology. 

Watch How It Works

“I am Dr. Camacho and welcome to Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio. A smile virtual consult is a way for a patient to submit a selfies in a close up photo of their smile; they submit this through their smile virtual smile consultation platform.

Once they answer the question “what would you like to change about your smile?” then that comes to me and once I receive it we have an opportunity to review what their situation is and what their interest is in and then I record a video, a personalized video for them, informing them of exactly what I observe of their situation and how I can help them solve the problem that they are interested in solving. So I provide them with information so they know exactly what their needs are.

They get a time estimate which would take x number of visits, in order to accomplish that, and they also get information out of what the budget would be to handle the situation that they are interested in. So they have all of this data.

Patients contact me because they have a problem. They need information. If they don’t know what their situation is or what they can do about it—they just stay in confusion in mystery and very frequently don’t move forward with treatment and wind up developing even more advanced problems, by delaying seeking treatment. So, I can provide them information and do it in a manner that is non-threatening, they don’t have to leave their home, they don’t have to leave their work.

It is convenient for them, it is easy they get the information they can review it multiple times because it is in a video format – they can rewind it and see what did he say about that—okay now I understand exactly what he meant. Again, when they get this information they are able to determine okay this is what I want, its good timing for me I know already what it is going to cost I am ready to just—it really just makes things convenient for us.

Get started with your free smile virtual consultation today.”


Dental Artists

Led by our talented and experienced “dental artists,” Drs Edward Camacho and Natalie Pennington, can provide a no charge consultation as a first step to a beautiful smile. 

Dr. Edward Camacho with Dr. Natalie Pennington
Dr. Edward Camacho showing patient Teeth on Big Screen

Technology &


Contact us with your concerns, videos or photos and our dentists will use this information create your one-of-a-kind video featuring recommendations for services and procedures, estimated time and visits required to complete your custom treatment plan, and an estimate of the cost to attain your goal smile.

3 Easy Steps!

Take a picture of video.

Upload from your phone.

Check email for a personalized video.

At Cosmetic Dentistry in San Antonio, we want to make sure you have a smile that not only looks good but feels good too—that’s why we offer this extra peace of mind with our cosmetic dentistry procedures. Get the smile you love after you’ve seen it in action! 

Start Your Virtual Consultation

Choose from one of our award-winning dentists, Dr. Edward Camacho or Dr. Natalie Pennington for your virtual consult. You’ll get a professional, detailed video in no time!


Dr. Edward Camacho

Dr. Camacho is constantly updating his knowledge and has followed continuing education in cosmetic, restorative, laser, and computerized dentistry; dental implants; orthodontics; and endodontics. He is also a Certified Lumineers and Invisalign services provider and has won his patients’ trust as well as many awards including America’s Top Dentist awards in Cosmetic and General Dentistry.


Dr. Natalie Pennington

Dr. Pennington is an incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated practitioner inspired by the passion and purpose she discovers in dentistry. She has extensive experience general, cosmetic, and restorative dental procedures, such as full mouth reconstruction. Being an active member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, she stays current on the newest advancements in all cosmetic and general dentistry.