What is the Difference Between Full Mouth Reconstruction and a Smile Makeover?

Full mouth reconstruction is when both the upper and lower teeth are restored together to bring the teeth and bite into normal function whereas a smile makeover is done solely for aesthetics. Full mouth reconstruction is usually needed when the teeth are badly broken down due to decay, a bad bite or extreme bruxism (clenching and grinding) and the teeth are badly worn.

Restoring a patient to normal function is life changing since most of these patients have a hard time chewing and live with pain. Often this pain extends to other areas such as the ears, neck and muscles surrounding the face. These patients usually lack self-confidence and do not like to smile or engage in social situations so they are withdrawn from life. They often cover their mouths with their hands when smiling, laughing or speaking and eat only soft foods or only drink room temperature beverages.

A smile makeover is done to bring confidence to an otherwise healthy mouth. Treatments like veneers can give the illusion of straighter and whiter teeth. Often, a gum lift is also incorporated in a smile makeover. This removes excess gum tissue which can make teeth appear shorter (think gummy smile). Sometimes, simply whitening the teeth can improve someone’s smile dramatically especially with a two-part proprietary system such as KöR. This system can even lighten tetracycline stain!

With all the advancements in dental materials, full mouth reconstruction also results in a smile makeover not only bringing a patient back to a healthy state but also giving them the confidence to smile and engage in life again!

Dr. Camacho has been building confidence for over 38 years and he can help you get your confidence back whether you are in the need for full mouth reconstruction or a smile makeover.