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Category: Veneers

Before and After Treatment

Smile Makeover

Patient was unhappy with small lateral incisors and discoloration of teeth. Smile makeover achieved with 6 porcelain veneers.


Veneer Case 3

Patient was unhappy with the discoloration of his teeth and the gap in his two front teeth. He whitened his teeth first and then had 4 anterior veneers placed to close the gap.

Veneers Case 2 Full Face
Dr. Edward Camacho

Veneers Case 2

Lyndsey is 100% happy with her treatment. She received eight no-prep veneers to whiten her teeth and replace some existing bonding.


Veneers Case 1

Patient presented with two front teeth damaged by trauma. Smile makeover achieved with 8 porcelain veneers.