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Patients ask about visiting a cosmetic dentist “near me”

Patients ask about visiting a cosmetic dentist

Dr. Edward Camacho of San Antonio, Texas, is dedicated to helping patients feel confident about their smiles. Imperfections such as misalignment, broken down, chipped, or discolored teeth can make patients feel self-conscious or embarrassed about how their smile looks. With cosmetic dentistry, patients in the area looking for assistance “near me” will find that they can achieve the look they’ve always wanted with a top cosmetic dentist, Dr. Edward Camacho.

What cosmetic dentistry services are available near me?

San Antonio, Texas patients, seek out Dr. Edward Camacho to enhance their smiles due to his extensive experience. Many of his patients also travel from other cities or states. Below are just a few of the procedures he performs for patients at his practice, Edward J Camacho DDS & Confidence Builder Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio:

  • Porcelain veneers – cover imperfections and achieve a beautiful smile with paper-thin veneers.
  • Tooth implants-get secure full mouth dentures that you do not have to remove daily (we work with a specialized oral surgeon for this procedure).
  • Orthodontics – Dr. Edward Camacho offers both traditional braces and Invisalign clear aligner trays to help straighten smiles. Invisalign has recognized him for his outstanding success with Invisalign.
  • Professional teeth whitening – for some patients, teeth bleaching is a great way to rejuvenate their appearance! Discolored teeth make you appear older!
  • Dentures – we offer an array of dentures to help replace missing teeth, including implant-supported dentures for a more secure fit.
  • Composite resin bonding – also known as dental bonding, composite resin bonding can cover problems such as gaps between teeth or chips and cracks in teeth and replace tooth structure lost from decay. Dr. Camacho never uses silver fillings!
  • Full mouth reconstruction – patients with more severe dental issues will find full mouth reconstruction to help them restore their smile
  • Smile test drive-the only dentist in San Antonio where you can try out a new smile before you commit (for some cases).
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