Teeth Whitening in San Antonio

Teeth Whitening

Get a whiter, brighter smile

Are your teeth dull, stained, yellow or discolored? The aging process and the way you live your life can darken and stain your teeth, often making you look older than you really are. The answer to your problems is 21st century high-tech teeth whitening.

Dr. Edward Camacho offers leading-edge methods to whiten your smile. This includes teeth that have yellowed due to drinking coffee, tea, cola or red wine or smoking tobacco or from just age itself.

KöR Teeth Whitening

Teeth WhiteningDr. Camacho can quickly brighten stained or yellowing teeth, often lightening them 16 shades or more, with KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching System. Revolutionary KöR Whitening was ranked highest by a respected dental products journal as the most effective, reliable way to whiten your teeth permanently.* It is a two step process that includes a take home and in office whitening.

KöR Whitening is a safe, long-lasting treatment that can produce great results with low to no sensitivity problems. Moreover, this system can actually strengthen your enamel, thus enhancing your oral health!

The result is a radiantly white, natural appearing smile! Plus, with easy periodic at-home maintenance, your teeth will stay white permanently, even while you continue to drink coffee, tea, red wine, etc.

How KöR Whitening works

Teeth WhiteningKöR Whitening whitens your teeth by restoring their ability to absorb oxygen. The oxygen from KöR’s whitening gel is absorbed deeply into your teeth, dissolving stain molecules. The result is a natural, healthy-looking white smile.

KöR for the results you are looking for:

  • Low to no sensitivity (for most patients)
  • Perfect for ages 14-90
  • Comfortable, easy process
  • Effective even on dark teeth
  • Entirely safe for teeth and gums
  • Beautiful, healthy and natural looking white result
 * one night a month maintenance is required for regular cases. KoR is considered permanent because there is less relapse than other whitening systems. All whitening systems require some maintenance.



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