High Quality Tooth Crowns in San Antonio

Dental Crowns
Has your tooth been compromised by injury or decay? At Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio, we are happy to offer you the perfect solution in the form of dental crowns. This technology is a simple, yet effective, fix, perfect for protecting a damaged tooth from further damage, as well as for covering discoloured or misshapen teeth. It can even be used to hide root canals, broken teeth, and large fillings!

A More Natural Implant for a Whiter Smile

As part of our commitment to giving you a beautiful smile, we specialize in crafting porcelain crowns. This material will look the most natural, and will be nearly undetectable compared to the rest of your teeth. This procedure will take place over two appointments.

During the first, we will take an impression of your tooth, then fit you with a temporary tooth. This will allow you to continue enjoying eating, talking, and smiling while we create its permanent counterpart. By the time your next appointment arrives, that perfect replacement will be ready, where we will be sure to test its fit, appearance, and bite before permanently affixing it in place!

Your your new crown can last for a decade or more, with good home care and routine dental visits). To explore this pathway to repairing your smile, and if you wish to receive care from the best dental team in San Antonio, please call our office today!