Dentures in San Antonio

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Dr. Camacho offers two main dentures options to give you a great smile and stability when you chew.

Comfortable, Stable & Lifelike Dentures

Dr. Camacho has more than three decades of experience in prosthetic dentistry (artificial teeth). Because of his vast experience, Dr. Camacho can accurately evaluate your best denture option.

In your New Patient Exam Dr. Camacho will take his time and get to know you. He will discuss with you your smile goals and explain the different restorative dental treatments that can meet those goals.

AvaDent Digital Dentures

avadentDr. Camacho can help you regain your youthful smile, in just two visits, with the natural look and feel of AvaDent. AvaDent is one of the secrets of Dr. Camacho’s success in providing you with comfortable, precision-fit dentures that you will be proud to show off.

AvaDent dentures are computer designed and milled for a precision fit. AvaDent’s patented process eliminates sore spots and “denture breath” as well by reducing bacteria buildup. They are created from a single block of preshrunk acrylic so the fit will always be perfect.

If you ever lose or damage your dentures, Dr. Camacho can produce an exact duplicate using the records on file at AvaDent. Only AvaDent provides you, the patient, with the protection and convenience of a permanent digital record. Moreover, only AvaDent can cut your time in the dentist chair by more than half.

Going beyond beautiful dentures

Dr. Camacho will do a thorough consultation and exam to make sure your dentures come out perfect.

Dr. Camacho will do a thorough consultation and exam to make sure your dentures come out perfect.

It is very important that dentures look natural and beautiful. However, it is also equally important your dentures work well when you chew. A poor fit is usually the root cause of most denture problems.

That is why at the top of Dr. Camacho’s list is ensuring you have a proper bite. His lifelike AvaDent dentures are precision-fit and designed to give you the healthiest bite possible. They can enable you to not only smile with confidence, but also to speak and eat with confidence, as well.

Permanent Teeth in a Day implant-supported dentures

For added stability and full dental function, New Teeth in a Day may be the choice for you.

For added stability and full dental function, Permanent Teeth in a Day may be the choice for you.

For his patients who want added strength and stability in their dentures, Dr. Camacho also offers revolutionary Permanent Teeth in a Day implant-supported dentures. Four implants are used to support a full arch of teeth.

Dr. Camacho has decades of experience working with implants, including creating lifelike artificial teeth. He will fully examine you to see if Permanent Teeth in a Day is the right choice for you.

Click here for more information about New Teeth in a Day.

Dr. Camacho offers complete denture services

Dr. Camacho also offers the following dentures treatments:

Immediate Dentures

After a teeth extraction procedure there is no reason to return home without teeth. Not when Dr. Camacho can fit you with comfortable and attractive temporary dentures. He will then fit you for permanent dentures after your gums have healed.

Denture Stabilization using implants

Denture stabilization may be your ideal solution if your dentures are loose or uncomfortable. Your current dentures can be stabilized by placing dental implants on the lower upper and lower arches of your mouth to attach the dentures to. This prevents denture slippage while improving your ability to chew and speak with confidence.

Implant-Supported Dentures

An implant-supported denture snaps into dental implants set in your jawbone. This kind of denture is removable. It fits over a ball (or bar) and socket and is securely clipped into place by the attachments.

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